Light for the Last Days

The rebirth of Israel in biblical prophecy

Trevor Stewart-Sweet


Brothers and sisters, the stage is being set for the next events in God’s calendar. Israel is indeed God’s yardstick, God’s measuring rod, God’s blueprint, and Israel is most definitely God’s program for what He’s doing in the world.

Theodore Herzl said, “If you will it, it is no dream”. The complete fulfilment of Ezekiel’s prophecy and Israel’s dream will come to fruition at the Messiah’s return.
God said it and He will perform it. So, my challenge brothers and sisters to you all today is: Are you ready? Are you ready for the return of the King?
Are you ready for that return in the clouds to take us into the air at the time we call the Rapture? Are you believers today in the Lord Jesus Christ? Have you placed your trust in Him and in Him only?
Because only He can give you that promise of eternal life.

Trevor Stewart-Sweet

Tony Pearce

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