Light for the Last Days

Exodus 24 – Israel responds to the Torah / Law


The talk starts at minute 32 of the recording.

·      Jewish responses to Jesus – is Jesus the Messiah or not?

·      Verse 1-2. Moses the Mediator, Jesus the Mediator

·      Verse 4. The Written Word versus the Oral Torah

·      Verses 3 and 7, Israel’s response ‘All that Lord has said we will do.’  Did they mean it?

·      Verses 5-8.  The blood of the covenant – why all covenants with God require the shedding of blood.

·      Verse 7.  Our response to the Lord / the Gospel – Acts 2.

·      Verses 9-11.  And they saw the God of Israel.  How could they see God and live?

·      The better covenant in Yeshua / Jesus – Hebrews 9.

Tony Pearce