Light for the Last Days

Magazin Licht für die Endzeit – Herbst 2023


  • I am Shahzad Waqar, Church Pastor (The Jesus Church ) from Pakistan. we are serving for my Christian community in Pakistan since 2009.

    I trust this letter finds you well. I am writing to express our commitment to providing Urdu translations of Biblical material from English for the benefit of the Urdu-speaking community worldwide. hank you for considering our commitment to this meaningful project. We look forward to contributing to the enrichment of spiritual experiences for Urdu speakers through our Urdu translations of Biblical material.
    Shahzad Waqar

    • Thank you pastor Shahzad. We produce the magazine Light for the Last Days 4 times a year. Pastor Tony Pearce writes it in he English language and various workers provide their translations into Malayalam, German, French, Chinese, and Spanish within a few weeks of the English text becoming available.

      We would welcome having your Urdu translation and would be happy for you to print and distribute the magazine in Urdu to congregations and people in Pakistan if that is what you intend. For our part, once we are sure that the Urdu translation provided by yourselves is sound, we would post it on our website.

      The latest edition of the magazine is available on the following link:

      Please let me know what you think.
      Communications Officer at LftLD

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