Lumière pour les derniers jours

11:00 AM 

Simon Turpin from Answers in Genesis will speak in the morning service on: ‘Taking a stand in the battle for the family.’ This will be an in-person service with live streaming.

Since 2015, Simon has spoken at churches across the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, and Russia on creation apologetics. He is married to Jessica, and together they home educate their seven children. Simon has written several articles for AiG’s Answers Research Journal, including “Review of John Lennox’s Book Seven Days That Divide the World,” “Jesus, Scripture and Error: An Implication of Theistic Evolution,” and “Biblical Problems with Identifying Tall el-Hammam as Sodom.” He is also the author of Adam: First and the Last, Scoffers: Responding to Those Who Deliberately Overlook Creation and the Flood, and several other booklets. In addition, Simon is often featured in many productions exclusively on Answers TV.

Adam: First and the Last

6:30 PM 

Simon Turpin from Answers in Genesis will also speak in the evening on the topic: ‘Responding to the scoffers of creation and the flood.’ This will be an in-person service.

“Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature” (Genesis 2:7). Genesis gives us the details on how God created all life, including human life. From Genesis 1, we know mankind was created male and female (only two genders) in the very image of God (no animal was created in the image of God). The following chapter fills in the details—man was created from the dust, and, later that same day, woman was created from man’s side. It’s a straightforward account of God’s power in creation . . . but is it accurate?

Creation Basics: Did We Come from Apelike Creatures?

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  • Excellent service, Tony emphasised the importance of the Lords Table, not heard in many churches. Answers in Genesis gave bold statement for the Truth today.
    Thanking you for uploading on YouTube every week. Blessings in Y’shua.

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