Luz para los últimos días

Signs of the Times – February 2021

• Persecution rising around the world.
• Global cooling.
• CIA declassifies hundreds of UFO documents.
• US Congress Has Officially Gone Gender Crazy.

God intervenes in Earth affairs – Tony Pearce

We are approaching the end of this dispensation.



10 Signs 十个迹象 10 Signes Diez señales The Second Coming 第二次降临 La Seconde Venue Jesucristo 耶穌基督 Jesus Christ

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Luz para los últimos días - Edición de enero 2021

• Covid, Global Reset and the Book of Revelation.
• Israel Matters.
• Don’t Panic.

Signs of the Times – January 2021

• Image of the Beast.
• Why Trump had to go.
• Wars in various places.
• Famine in 2021.

Prophecies 預言 Messiah 弥赛亚 profecías 预言Mesías prophéties 彌賽亞 Messie

ENGLISH 简体中文 ESPAÑOL 繁體中文 FRANÇAIS This lists the prophecies in the Hebrew Bible which Jesus fulfilled at His first coming and those which He will fulfil at His Second Coming...

The Trinity in Scripture – Tony Pearce

‘The debate about the Trinity has gone on for a long time.  Here are answers I wrote to a Jewish objection to the idea of God as a Trinity and Jesus as Son of God and about the Trinity in the New...


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You have loved righteousness

When the weary ones we love Enter on their rest above, When their words of love and cheer Fall no longer on our ear, Hush! be every murmur dumb, It is only “Till He come!” Clouds and darkness round us press;...

The Global Reset

New Normal – Global Reset – where is it taking us?  

This Vimeo film shows the connection between the pandemic, the Global Reset and tyranny.

Warning.  Contains some bad language towards the end.

Rapture, Second Coming and the Millennium

Los profetas hebreos

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Jesus and Judaism

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