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It’s interesting that last year, in this country, the UK’s Energy bill had its third reading and was passed in the House of Commons. Did anyone know that? Did anybody follow it? How many people knew about it? About three. It could have a massive effect on your lives in the days to come. The majority of all parties supported it with only a handful of Tories, including Jacob Reese Moss, opposing it.

So, no matter who you voted for, this legislation will stand. Similar bills have been passed in Germany and are on their way in the European Union.

Now it may sound innocuous but, according to a video made by David Kurten, who is the leader of the UK Heritage Party, this is a part of the tyranny that is being implemented under the banner of Net Zero, and ‘energy smart regulations’ and ‘energy performance regulations’.

Therefore, this is the first step on the way to legalizing control of your energy usage and ultimately of your property. Curtin has said this is the way the government is going to try to take your property off you.

“It will bring in the World Economic Forum’s idea of the mantra of ‘You will own nothing and be happy because it’s what the bill does or has the potential to do.”

David Kurten – Founder and Leader of the UK Heritage Party

So, maybe you should pay a bit of attention too. I’ll just read one or two things about what he says. Hopefully, you won’t find this too technical.

‘The Energy Smart regulations are detailed in section 235 of the bill. Section 235 doesn’t say anything as it stands, but it gives the Secretary of State the power to make regulations about Energy Smart appliances and apply them to most of the electrical appliances that we use day to day, as well as to internal heating. The bill also extends the time that energy companies are allowed to push Smart Meters onto homes for another five years. It gives energy companies targets to get smart meters into every home. That’s what they want, you’ve got to have a smart meter in your home. They want everyone to have a smart meter so someone else can remotely control your electricity and on turn it off and on remotely at a switch. New builds have to comply with a certain level of energy standards. This is it, in the UK there are already regulations in place that say that all new buildings have to be ‘Grade E’ on energy use.’

David Kurten: Net Zero Zealots will use the Energy Bill to take your home away from you

That’s telling you how much, how far they’re advanced on it. They can’t be fought as the law is now in place, and they can tighten the regulations as it goes along. So, by 2028, all new buildings have to be Energy Grade C.

Ultimately, what they want by 2050 is to make everything grade A. Grade A means that all buildings are Net Zero. Apparently, such buildings don’t emit any carbon dioxide either in the construction process or as the people use the building.

The Bill (Energy Act 2023) gives the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change the power to introduce energy performance regulations to comply with Net Zero. It also says that energy performance regulations May provide for the creation of criminal offenses with up to one year in prison or a fifteen thousand fine or both if your home or a building that you own does not comply with any future home energy performance regulations at that moment in time.

Kurten explained they’re only requiring new buildings to comply, but that, as they’re doing in the European Union, they will go back in time. Then, they will say: ‘Well, not just new builds, but any existing building has to be brought up to a certain standard’. So, if you have an old building that’s fog down here on the bottom, you have to bring it up to E standard at least. Then, they’re going to say: ‘Upgrade it to match the regulations‘.

Now, for Net Zero targets to be achieved, we need to make sure that all buildings are C grade. Eventually, everything will have to be brought up to a standard which is impossible with older buildings.

We know that, in some places, councils have plans to knock down dozens or even hundreds of old buildings because they don’t comply with Net Zero standards. What they’re doing is just letting them rot, they’re moving people out of them, they’re running them down, they’re letting all buildings decay. Then, they’re declaring them unsafe.

The plan is to knock them down. Kurten has found that, if you don’t have the money to improve your home, particularly older buildings to whatever energy standards they dictate at the time, they will say that you cannot sell your home or rent your home because it does not meet the energy standards. You’ll also have to pay a fine, and you may have to go to prison. Then, they’ll offer your way out. The government will offer to buy your home from you, and they will make the necessary improvements.

Is that being alarmist? Or is it true? I don’t know, I’m just quoting what the man says but it does make you a little bit anxious about some of the things they’re implementing. And one thing they’re doing is they make and institute these laws, knowing that laws can’t be undone they will go on continuously, they’re going to be applied by future governments too.

So, future governments can’t change the laws, they’re there, on the Statute Book, and I would say it’s just one more plank on the way to the control of a future world government system.

It’s also crazy and it’s mad because it won’t make any difference to the weather, and I tell you that for sure. But it will bankrupt the people and the state. Then, they’ll come in with Central Bank Digital Currencies, put anyone under an effective house arrest in 15-minute cities while they work out how to control us.

Maybe, in the process, after the next pandemic, they’ll also see a cull in the population which will make it easier for them to sort out the accommodation problem before the Antichrist takes over and people are cowed into submission.

That sounds a bit cynical, but also seems to be quite possible.

That’s where it’s going. What they’re doing is: they’re setting in motion a legal system for control which you won’t be able to get out of. And it’s not just here, as I said, it’s also happened in Germany, it’s part of the European Union and takes place in the United States as well.

They bring it in, not in India and China by the way, because they can burn as much fossil fuel as they like which is another reason why the whole thing will not make any difference to the weather even if burning fossil fuels was the problem, which it may not be anyway.

What it is, it’s a good way to move towards some kind of global government, and you’ll find that not only politicians but also religious people are saying that that’s what we need.

Tony Pearce

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