Light for the Last Days

Revelation 13

The dragon, the beast and the false prophet.  666 and the Mark of the Beast.

What is Revelation 13 about?  How has it been understood in history and what does it mean for us today?  A talk by Tony Pearce at The Bridge Christian Fellowship.

Tony Pearce

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  • After the Rapture, there is no more repentance. There will be no possibility to “become a Christian” during the “42 months”. the saints who are killed are the Two Witnesses, see Chs 10 and 11!! The deadly wound healed is indeed where the mortal wound occurred in the dominion of Rome, because of the Power of the Gospel, but in this 42 months times, where there is no restraint to man from the Gospel, it is “healed” – the antichrist is used by God to bring in the Judgments of Plagues and punishments! The “fourth beast” of Daniel was “diverse from all the others” Dan 7:19 KJV. This is the World Government of man governed by the 3 previous rulers before the “vile person” from Jerusalem (Rev 11:8b & 18 – this great city, that great city). The antichrist will be an Assyrian – Iraqi (Isaiah 10:5,24; 30:31; 31:8; Micah 5:5-6)
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