Light for the Last Days


In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

John 1.4-5

I’ll just grab my seat and make myself comfortable, we’ll begin.

Okay if you were here last week, we had couple of words from the Lord. One was about ‘a time of great darkness coming over the earth’, and the other was about ‘preaching the gospel’. And I thought that both came together as what God is saying to us: that there is a time of darkness coming – you can see it all around you.

Whether what’s happening at this time – whatever you think about the various parties involved – many people are a bit fearful at the prospect of a Labour government with a large majority, and some of the implications that may have for pushing forward a lot of the agendas which are not favourable to us, including the ‘woke agenda’.

Pushing Islam and islamophobia is one of the things which you’ve got to be against I saw a talk with Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan at which they were talking about status for Islam and one of the things he said was:

We’ve got to defend the Muslim community. We got to defend them against islamophobia and pass laws on that.

Now, we’re not in favour of hatred against anybody, but I don’t think there is islamophobia. A ‘phobia’ is an unnatural fear of something you shouldn’t be afraid of. If you understand the agenda of radical Islam, you should be afraid of it because it’s antichristian and against you and me.

And one of the dangers which we have is that, if you start speaking about this publicly, and publish booklets like I did comparing the Quran and the Bible, then you may find yourself in trouble even with the law.

In fact, we just got the case of someone who gave this booklet to a Islamic man while giving out leaflets in Watford and the man has come back to her with lots of objections. He seems quite friendly, but the possibility is that they could be quite nasty if they really take on board the fact that we are criticizing the basis of the Muslim faith, which is based on a lie.

Actually, Muhammad was a false prophet, to be honest. There’s no justification for the Quran being considered a holy book, Etc.

Now that’s not one of the main platforms of the election but you can see that all these things are baking there behind the scene, trends like pushing the LGBT gender agenda and all that stuff.

And one fears that it’s going to become worse. It’s bad enough already, but it’s going to become worse if we have this huge Labour majority. To say nothing about the economics and everything which I won’t go into at this time but you have a whole lot of things which are also coming down the line.

The economic crisis is also related to the status of the American Dollar. America is in really bad shape. When you look at some of the things behind the scenes, some of its cities are in total disarray.

Town centres are falling apart, crime, lawlessness, shoplifting, economic crisis, Etc.

And, in every country you look at, whether it’s the European Union or Russia which is a total disaster area economically even aside from the Ukraine war, even China is not in great shape. So, you can see there is a whole series of events coming together which could cause massive problems in the state of the world.

Say nothing about the war and the situation in Israel which is becoming even more dire because right now Hezbollah is threatening to extend the war, and Israel is also threatening to go into Southern Lebanon to stop all these rockets which are coming into the North of Israel.

If they do that, then Hezbollah said they will start targeting every city in is Israel with missiles which they’ve got from Iran. Israel countering said that if Hezbollah does that then, they’re going to flatten Lebanon, including Beirut.

You can see the possibility of a huge disaster coming in that area even SE threaten Cyprus which is another issue I won’t go into too much detail. But there’s a whole range of things happening.

Russia is very indignant at the fact that America and the West are giving Ukraine advanced weapons which they’re now using to cause significant losses in the Russian troops. I think in May they lost a thousand troops every day, and they’ve lost huge amounts of material.

Although they made some advances, the Russians are in dire straits as far as personnel and as far as equipment are concerned, and Putin has made certain threats to the Western Alliance saying that ‘If you continue doing this, if they continue giving them weapons and if they start hitting targets inside Russia where there are forces stationed to go into Ukraine, something they are already doing, then Putin is saying that NATO, the West is declaring war on Russia and that Russia will hit back. He has even made even veiled threats about hitting cities in Europe and North America.

To say so nothing about China, nothing about that situation as well, plus the famines, climate change, and all kinds of really bad stuff taking place around the world. If you look down the line, there is this cloud of darkness is coming on the earth and there’s no doubt about it, it’s there, you can’t get away from it.

Some people might just, you know, watch the European Cup and think that’s all that there is to life. I’m afraid you can have these distractions for a moment, but the reality is that this is like an express train coming down the line and that sometime, sooner or later, it’s going to hit and things are going to start getting really nasty.

What is the answer? The only bit of good news we’ got is the Gospel: Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose from the dead. Jesus is on the Throne, and no matter how bad it gets on the earth, Jesus is still on the Throne and He is going to have the last word. He is going to come back and sort out the mess which we’re making of the world.

What I really feel is that we got to get this message out, and we’re going to do the Prophecy Talk next week. I’ve done a leaflet on it which says ‘World on Red Alert’ and which highlights some of these issues.

There are plenty of copies on the table at front. Take some, pass them on to your friends.

If you’re listening to this online, we can email you the leaflet. You can pass it on to people via email. That is one of the ways we’re finding to evangelize, not just in person but over the Internet. Use these facilities to get people aware of what’s happening and also that we got an answer here and now.

You know, sometimes it’s a bit frustrating. We give out lots of leaflets, we talk to lots of people and maybe one person responds if you’re lucky, out of 10,000, but even that one person is worth the effort.

And yet, there are people who can, even if they don’t come here, who can sow a seed. I think people are growing aware of the dangers we’re in, and growing aware of the fact that none of our politicians have got any answers.

The media hasn’t got any answers, the education system doesn’t give the children any answers, the only people who give them answers is people who believe in the Gospel, who tell them about Jesus.

So, that’s what we got to do. I really encourage you to encourage people to come along to the meetings, give them literature, tell them that Jesus is the answer, and that He is coming back.

We have got to be ready to meet Him, and we want to build up this meeting. I said before that once, there was a time when the evening meetings were full and the morning meetings were half full. Now, we have the morning meetings full but the me evening meetings are half full.

It would be good if we could have both meetings full and have lots of people coming in as well. That’s my prayer.

Let us pray about it, and pray that you can use these leaflets. I just give a forward notice: Steve Maltz on the 14th of July. If you don’t know who Steve Maltz is, he’s a Jewish believer, also a very prolific author. He has just written a book called ‘Now everything changes‘, which is a personal response as a Jewish man living in London to all that’s going on with the demonstrations the anti-Israel spirit. It’s a very good book, it’s very well written, and it’s the kind of thing which you can give to a non-believer and someone who doesn’t know anything about it.

It’s not terribly theological, but it gives you some of the facts and some of the things to really understand about the present situation. I’m hoping to get some copies maybe next week but certainly when Steve comes, he’ll be bring them along. He’s coming on the 14th of July, that’s in three weeks time.

Tony Pearce

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