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All of a Sudden, Leaders All Over The World Are Warning That World War III Is Very Close

January 17, 2024 by Michael Snyder


Prominent leaders all over the globe are starting to publicly acknowledge that World War III is coming.  In many cases they are expressing hope that it can still be avoided, but that becomes less likely with each passing day.  Multiple parties are escalating the conflict in the Middle East, the war in Ukraine has entered a dangerous new phase, and the election that just happened in Taiwan has made a Chinese invasion much more probable.  So what is going to happen if major powers start tangling with one another all over the planet

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We really are on the brink of the unthinkable, but most people in the general population have no idea how dire things have become.

On Monday, British Defense Minister Grant Shapps warned that we are now in a “pre-war world” and that western powers could soon find themselves fighting Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea …

… now is the time for all allies and democratic nations across the world to… make sure their defence spending is growing too. Because as discussed, the era of the peace dividend is over. In five years time we could be looking at multiple theatres including Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

…we find ourselves at the dawn of this new era. [The] Berlin Wall a distant memory but we have come full circle, moving from a post-war to a pre-war world. An age of idealism has been replaced by a period of hard-headed realism.

Who is Grant Shapps? The new defence secretary whose appointment has ruffled feathers | Politics News | Sky News
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I was stunned that he was willing to give the public such an honest assessment.

But of course he is right.

Multiple wars are coming

U.S. officials are issuing similar warnings.  Here is one example …

A source inside the Pentagon has warned Daily Express US that “we are on the brink of World War 3” amid surging conflict in the Middle East sparked largely by Iran.

The source inside the Pentagon that issued this rather ominous warning is a man named Nicholas Drummond, and he claims that the current war in the Middle East could literally result in “the end of Iran”…

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Defence expert Nicholas Drummond echoed concerns that the conflict in the Middle East could potentially escalate but warned that if Tehran directly attacked Israel, the ensuing war would be “the end of Iran”.

So exactly what sort of weapons would be required to bring about “the end of Iran”?

You might want to reflect on that for a moment.

There is also a lot of talk about World War III in Russia.  In fact, one of Russia’s most prominent news anchors named Vladimir Solovyov recently told his audience that our planet is “moving towards World War III”…

Video here

“We are moving towards World War III. In my opinion, it’s already underway. By the way Trump thinks so too,” the Russian presenter added, as he tried to cut to a soundbite of the former president condemning U.S. strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen.

Yes, he was actually quite correct about Donald Trump.

Not too long ago, Trump publicly warned a crowd in Iowa that “we’re very close to World War III”…

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“World War III, we’re very close. I don’t know if you feel it. I don’t know, madam attorney general, if you feel it, but we’re very close to World War III when you see these discussions taking place.”

TTA – Search (

Personally, I am entirely convinced that World War III has already started, but what Trump and others are talking about is the hot phase when missiles start flying all over the place and millions of people die.

And we are so close to that right now.  The following comes from a Daily Mail article entitled “The descent into World War 3: How Russia, Iran and China are simultaneously making moves that will drag us all into conflict”…

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Leaked German intelligence documents suggest Berlin expects Russia to launch another wave of attacks to overwhelm Ukraine, and is scrambling to come up with contingency plans in the event Russian troops march westward from Belarus.

The Israel-Hamas conflict threatens to spread violence across the Middle East, with Iran’s so-called ‘Axis of Resistance’ – including Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthi rebels – increasing their attacks on Israel and commercial shipping routes, prompting the UK and US to launch a series of devastating strikes by air and sea.

Further East, Taiwan’s election of a new democracy-loving president has angered Beijing even further, with a Chinese invasion of the island nation in the coming years looking ever more likely.

It is likely that the Middle East will be the first flashpoint to fully erupt.

The region has become so unstable over the past couple of months, and the entire world was stunned this week when Iran decided to launch missiles and drones into Iraq, Syria and Pakistan…

Within 24 hours, Iran launched missile and drone strikes on targets in three countries — Iraq, Syria and Pakistan — and took the extraordinary step of announcing its responsibility for the attacks, triggering anger from its neighbours.

So why did Iran do this?

The Iranians claim that the strike in Iraq targeted “an Israeli spy hub” …

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Baghdad recalled its ambassador to Iran after the Monday night attack on its northern semi-autonomous Kurdistan region killed four civilians and injured at least six. Tehran said the strike targeted an Israeli spy hub near the U.S. consulate in Erbil, the Kurdistan regional capital city. Iraqi Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani rejected the Iranian claim, describing the attack as a “crime against the Kurdish people.”

Iraq’s Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, called the attacks a “violation of international law” and said it would file a complaint with the U.N. Security Council. France’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Iran was “contributing to the escalation of regional tensions — and it must stop.”

As for the strikes in Syria and Pakistan, the Iranians claim that they were trying to hit Sunni groups that commit acts of terrorism …

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Tehran also hit what it said were Islamic State targets in northern Syria in tandem with its strikes on Iraq. It then went on to target the headquarters of a Sunni armed group in Pakistan’s western Baluchistan province near the Iranian border.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that it “strongly condemns the unprovoked violation of its airspace by Iran” which it said killed two children and injured three more. It added that “it is even more concerning that this illegal act has taken place despite the existence of several channels of communication between Pakistan and Iran.”

This could potentially draw Pakistan into the war in the Middle East.

And let us not forget that Pakistan has nuclear weapons.

It is very unusual for Iran to be this aggressive.

And Iran’s Defense Minister is promising that his nation will not hesitate to conduct similar missile strikes in the future …

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The morning after Iranian attacks on neighbouring Pakistan and Iraq, Iran’s defence minister vowed Wednesday that his country would “not set any limits” on using its missile capabilities against enemies whenever necessary.

“We are a missile power in the world. Wherever they want to threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will react, and this reaction will definitely be proportionate, tough and decisive.”

Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, speaking to reporters at a Cabinet meeting -according to state media

Meanwhile, the IDF and Hezbollah continue to pummel one another along Israel’s northern border …

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The Israeli armed forces carried out a massive wave of airstrikes and artillery fire against targets in the Saluki valley in southern Lebanon on Tuesday, following repeated attacks against Israeli targets by the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah.

According to Israel Defense Forces, the terror group “makes extensive use” of the valley for its activities, hiding its weapons and infrastructures in the valley’s forested areas.

According to Lebanese reports, the Israeli airstrike was among the largest of the war so far, hitting 15 different targets in at least 30 launched strikes.

And on Tuesday the U.S. military actually hit the Houthis in Yemen with a “pre-emptive attack” because the Houthis were apparently getting ready to launch more anti-ship ballistic missiles …

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On Tuesday US forces carried out another round of strikes on Houthi sites in Yemen, but this time the operation is being dubbed a “pre-emptive” attack that came in response to militants preparing missile launches on the ground in real time.

“US forces struck and destroyed four Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles,” a Central Command (CENTCOM) statement saud. “These missiles were prepared to launch from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and presented an imminent threat to both merchant and US Navy ships in the region.”

War is here

In fact, 2024 is going to be a year of war, and wherever conflict happens the U.S. is almost certainly going to be involved.

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So how will the American people respond as the world erupts in flames?

In recent weeks, we have seen crazed protesters do some very alarming things in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

But the truth is that World War III is still only in the very early stages.  So what is going to happen once global events spiral completely out of control?

Unfortunately, I believe that it won’t be too long before we find out.

As in the days of Noah

World events are taking a dangerous turn. When I survey the news as I do to collect information for Light for the Last Days, my monthly prophecy talk, and this column, I often wonder how much longer we (the human race) can go on like this. It feels like we’re heading towards a precipice and no one has a clue what to do to stop us going over the edge. In a year when almost half the major countries in the world will be involved in elections of some kind, the possibility of governments and rulers being put in place who can sort it all out looks more and more remote. 

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In a new book ‘Chaos’, Michael Snyder warns of approaching apocalyptic events threatening the future of humanity.  He shows how increase in wars, natural disasters, famines, plagues, dictatorships and persecutions, violence and corruption line up with Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 about conditions in the end times. As in the days of Noah. 

In the days of Noah we read that,

The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

Genesis 6.11

The Hebrew word for ‘violence’ used in Genesis 6 is חָמָס׃ [ḥāmās]. 

Hamas and similar Islamist movements in the Middle East are the ones who are responsible for the violence and war in the region, as they seek to destroy Israel by violence and also to impose their form of Islamic tyranny on the people of the region. Chief among them is Iran which has filled the region with missiles and drones and is exporting these to its allies and proxies. Iran has also furnished Russia with hundreds of military drones with which to attack Ukraine.

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The Iranian regime has also been establishing weapons manufacturing facilities outside Iran’s borders, engaging in the production of advanced ballistic missiles and other weaponry in foreign countries, notably in Syria and Lebanon. Iran is now said to be on the verge of being able to create a nuclear weapon.  Israel or the US could end up going to war with Iran to try to destroy their missiles, drones and nuclear weapons. This could bring in Russia and lead to Gog and Magog war of Ezekiel 38-9.

The Ukraine – Russia war enters its third year with neither side making significant gains at the moment and conflicting reports of who is likely to come out on top.  Russia has lost huge numbers of troops and equipment, while Ukraine fears that western support may dry up and hand Russia the victory due to its superior numbers and weapon supply, including drones supplied by Iran.  Ukraine is firing back, hitting targets inside Russia with western supplied missiles.  Hawks in Russia say this risks a nuclear response.  If defeated, Ukraine would likely face a holocaust, with its population displaced and replaced with Russians. 

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Russia’s economy is in dire straits, with 40% of its economy being paid out on the war, where 300,000 Russians have been killed or maimed. Over a million Russians, mainly intelligent and qualified young people, have fled Russia to get away from the war. Sanctions have affected Russian industry. Apart from producing war material, production is at a standstill. Infrastructure in villages and towns away from big cities is crumbling. Many are without basic amenities. 

The recent bout of very cold weather in Russia has caused pipes to burst and heating stations to fail.  While Russia spends insane amounts on a useless war, it can’t and won’t fix the pipes leaving people without heat as temperatures plunge as low as -40C. A spate of fires at warehouses is destroying infrastructure and adding to shortages. One in three Russians do not have enough to buy anything apart from basic food. 

One in ten do not have enough money for food. Some have joined the army because it’s the only way to get a decent wage, though you might not get it and might get killed before you get it. Conditions for soldiers are atrocious, with some in the army on the verge of mutiny. The Russian population, while beaten into submission, is increasingly negative about the war. Wives and mothers are writing to complain to Putin about the deaths of loved ones. But the tyrannical state suppresses any criticism of its action and has even recruited the corrupt Orthodox church into its propaganda machine.

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China is harassing its neighbours in the South China Sea and making direct threats to take over Taiwan, which could bring it into conflict with the USA. According to China expert Gordon Chang, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin are driven by their shared vision for the future world order.

He writes that the two regimes “are forming the core of a new axis,” and around this core “are proxies and proxies of proxies, such as Iran, North Korea, Algeria, and a host of terrorist groups. Xi and Mr. Putin “are cooperating across the world,” Mr. Chang said during the interview.

“They’ve basically divided the international system into two. They want to take over the other half. They’re actually thinking of starting World War III because they talk about using nuclear weapons all the time.”

Gordon Chang

Because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Russia being a permanent member of the UN Security Council) other countries feel freer to attack or to prepare to attack smaller neighbours. Azerbaijan has fought against Armenia, Venezuela is now making claims on half of Guyana, North Korea is building up its military and missile strength, threatening its neighbours, South Korea, Japan, including USA. 

Drug gangs are causing mayhem across Central America, with Ecuador the latest country to be plunged into violent turmoil after the escape from prison of drug cartel leader Macias.  These cartels came to dominate the illegal drug trade in Latin America, not just for cocaine, but also the trafficking of heroin and more lately fentanyl.

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Aligning themselves with Clan Del Golfo – a Colombian paramilitary organization formed from the remnants of the gangs dismantled under joint Colombian-U.S. operations – the cartels helped traffic drugs through Ecuador and out of South America. They were joined by European gangs, notably from Albania, who began to show up in Ecuador. 

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In Sudan seven million people have been displaced, five million are facing chronic hunger as a result of the civil war. Medical care has collapsed, Khartoum has been virtually destroyed.  Arab militias are indiscriminately attacking non Arab Masalit people in Darfur, deliberately targeting civilians and causing thousands to flee to neighbouring Chad. This is one of 35 armed conflicts taking place in Africa today causing around 40 million people to be displaced, mainly within their own countries.

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Global food supplies keep getting tighter and global hunger has risen to extremely alarming levels. 2.4 billion people did not have enough food last year and 750 million experienced chronic hunger. Food prices are rising world wide and crops are getting devastated by natural disasters and bizarre weather patterns. War is preventing grain exports from Ukraine and Russia, while India has banned rice exports due to domestic shortages.

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John Kerry, US Climate Tsar, has said agriculture contributes towards 30% of global warming. The causes of this are cattle breeding and meat production and the use of chemical fertilisers, so use of these must be cut back to reach zero carbon. This will add to the food crisis and the suffering we witness will be off the charts. 

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There are conflicting views of the state of the economy here and in the US. Some say it is improving while others warn of coming crisis. The US economy has reached a historic tipping point with 2 trillion dollars added to the national debt in a few months in 2023.  This now stands at $33 trillion dollars. The first half of 2023 saw the second largest banking collapse in US history.  Interest rates and unemployment are rising. Around 100 million working age Americans are not in the labour force. Housing is becoming unaffordable for many, either buying or renting, resulting in growing homelessness.

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Within western nations, especially in America, we see a rising tide of violent and irrational behaviour, drug addiction, crazed people with guns and knives going around killing people, as lawlessness spreads across the nation. Stores are pulling out of big cities because they cannot afford to operate due to rampant shop lifting. Uncontrolled immigration is creating huge social tensions as the system struggles to cope with housing and providing for the people. As in the USA, so in the UK and EU.

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And God said to Noah, 

13 And God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. 14 Make yourself an ark of gopherwood; make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and outside with pitch.

Genesis 6.13-14

In our time God has prepared the ark of salvation through faith in Jesus the Messiah for His people throughout the earth. What to do about it is clear – Repent and believe the Gospel and be ready for the soon coming of Jesus the Messiah.

Questioning the Covid inquiry

An article in the Daily Telegraph (20/12/23) accuses the Covid inquiry of lacking impartiality. A group of MPs and peers which includes Ian Duncan Smith have said the inquiry has so far been almost exclusively focused on whether pandemic interventions should have been implemented harder, sooner and for longer. The inquiry has failed to consider whether there was any alternative to lockdown to deal with the crisis. The scathing comments come in a letter sent to Mr Sunak signed by more than 20 MPs and scientific experts demanding he intervenes to change the official scope of the inquiry. They are calling on the prime minister to ensure the harms of lockdowns and the school closures were properly considered, and that censorship of critics by the government’s secret disinformation unit, previously revealed by the Telegraph, is examined.

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Molly Kingsley, the group’s founder, told the Telegraph, 

‘Apparent predeterminations during its hearings and its persistent failure to address the central question – ‘Were the immense certain harms of lockdowns and interventions proportionate to the actual and perceived benefits of those policies?’ – are compromising the inquiry. Worse than just a huge waste of money on its current trajectory the inquiry risks setting us up to repeat the catastrophic errors. It must either course correct or be abandoned.’ 

Molly Kingsley – USFORTHEM

There are also areas of concern about Covid and allied matters which are completely off limits in the Covid inquiry, including the harmful effects of the vaccine on many people. 

In the USA, Robert F Kennedy, son of assassinated Senator Bobby Kennedy, has written a book ‘The Wuhan Cover Up’ exposing the link between the US government’s biosecurity programme and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It claims that leading researchers for gain-of-function studies have been in partnership with the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s meticulously researched and rigorously sourced analysis leads readers on a staggering journey to learn about: 

  • the key enablers and henchmen pushing for gain-of-function research 
  • the economic motives behind gain-of-function research 
  • successfully engineered “chimeric viruses” that can infect and kill humans 
  • the coordinated effort to silence speculation of COVID-19’s laboratory genesis 
  • the complicity of scientific journals to hide the origins of COVID-19 
  • the role of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China’s biowarfare / biodefense program 
  • the relationships between US health, military, and intelligence bureaucracies and scientists and their Chinese counterparts 
  • the roles of Bill Gates and Sir Jeremy Farrar in orchestrating a global cover-up 

The Wuhan Cover-Up unveils a global conspiracy of epic proportion and lethal consequence. It shows how Dr Tony Fauci (former chief medical advisor to the President of the United States) zealously funded and pursued gain-of-function research. This caused concern among some US scientists and government officials about the potential for accidental or deliberate release of weaponised viruses from labs that might trigger worldwide pandemics. A moratorium was placed on this research, but true to form, Dr. Fauci found ways to continue unperturbed—outsourcing some of the most controversial experiments offshore to China and providing federal funding to Wuhan Institute of Virology’s leading researchers for gain-of-function studies, in partnership with the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party.

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It claims that “Gain-of-function” experiments are often conducted to deliberately develop highly virulent, easily transmissible pathogens for the stated purpose of developing pre-emptive vaccines for animal viruses before they jump to humans. More insidious is the “dual use” nature of this research, specifically directed toward bioweapons development.

In a review of the book, Meryl Nass concludes,

“There is a cabal that took the concept of biological warfare 30 years ago and ran with it—in order to create new industries, massive profits, and to control the world using fear of death by contagion. Robert Kennedy created a history that is also a page-turner, enabling us to understand in a much deeper way what we have just lived through. … Tony Fauci is only one pawn on the chessboard in this book. There are many others; … the scientists who will do anything for another grant; the massive network controlled by a syndicate: the money men and women from NIH’s (National Institute of Health) many institutes, especially its best-funded NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases); the National Science Foundation, whose former director was on the board of EcoHealth Alliance; the Wellcome Trust, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation; and other charities deeply entangled with the ones I just mentioned. There are think tanks that help guide the direction the funding takes. A US Department of Defence that contributes billions to whitewash and hide its biowarfare research. And a massive bureaucracy and media that protects all these people from exposure and punishment. It is obvious that many more nasty viruses and other microorganisms are still sitting in labs, many sponsored by military and intelligence agencies using our tax dollars.”

Meryl Nass – Review of ‘The Wuhan Cover-Up’

Meanwhile the World Economic Forum, meeting in Davos, Switzerland has held a meeting on ‘Disease X‘, a ‘mystery contagion’ that it warns could kill 20 times more people than COVID. The UN has claimed that the only way to stop the spread of this mystery contagion would be the rapid development of a new ‘vaccine’

In an article on its website ‘Prepare and Prevent’, the UN states: 

“The faster an effective vaccine is developed and deployed, the faster an incipient pandemic can be contained and controlled. … The aspiration of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is for the world to be able to respond to the next “Disease X” with a new vaccine in just 100 days.”

United Nations

Mainstream media are jumping on the ‘Disease X‘ bandwagon to make known what is being prepared before it happens.  Here are some titles from news outlets. 

  • Bloomberg“What Is Disease X? How Scientists Are Preparing for the Next Pandemic.”  
  • The Independent“World leaders to meet to discuss threat of hypothetical ‘Disease X’ pandemic in Davos.”  
  • Azer News“Disease X which can cause 20 times more deaths than Covid-19 to be discussed in Davos.”  
  • The World Economic Forum website says, “The World Health Organization is worried about Disease X and you should be too.” 
Click here to access the search results list

This means they are busy creating ‘vaccines’ for ‘something,’ while they (apparently) don’t know what that ‘something’ even is, even believing that that ‘something’ will kill off 20 times more people than COVID.

Sceptics see this as part of a plan by globalists to depopulate the planet Earth.  The Expose writes:

“The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting starts this week in Davos where they will give center stage to their unelected health counterparts to warn about a non-existent virus that they claim could be twenty times worse than COVID. The Unelected WEF and WHO are priming “Disease X” in the final push for the Pandemic Treaty and are joining forces to persuade world leaders to relinquish their sovereignty in preparation for a nonexistent virus they claim “could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.””

WEF and WHO threaten “Disease X” The Final Push for the Pandemic Treaty and Bill Gates “Final Solution.” – The Expose (

Could this be the “pandemic that will get everyone’s attention” that Bill Gates gleefully warned of and is it the time Bill Gates’s “Final Solution” is ushered in?

In his book, ‘Chaos’, Michael Snyder writes: 

“In Matthew 24 Jesus said there would be pestilences during the period just before His return. According to Jesus, we should expect multiple pestilences during this timeframe. During the past several years we’ve already seen Covid and monkeypox, and bird flu has killed more than 100 million chickens and turkeys in the United States and Europe combined.  But if you think what we have experienced so far is the worst case scenario you are greatly mistaken.  Scientists in secret labs all over the planet are messing around with the deadliest bugs ever known to humanity. NBC News reported that an illegal unlicensed laboratory in Fresno, California, owned by a shadowy Chinese company was doing some pretty crazy things. When authorities entered the facility they discovered that it was full of live mice, medical waste and hazardous materials, including thousands of vials that contained various infectious agents. In addition to malaria they found chlamydia, ecoli, streptococcus, pneumonia, hepatitis B and C, herpes 1 and 5 and rubella in the secret lab. In addition they also found 900 mice that were genetically engineered to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus.”

‘Chaos’, Michael Snyder

It is unlikely that any of this information will come out in the UK’s Covid inquiry, which is bent on enforcing the establishment line on Covid, criticising Boris Johnson and his government for not going far enough in locking us up, and preparing the way for the next round of oppression when the time is right.

Methodist Church goes full woke

Franklin Graham, the popular evangelist who heads the Samaritan’s Purse worldwide Christian charity as well as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that his famous father started, is scolding officials of the Methodist church in the United Kingdom. It’s because they’re telling ministers that using the words “husband” and “wife” is “hurtful.” 

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The church’s ideology comes from the worldwide agenda to promote the LGBT lifestyle choices. Those lifestyles made the use of those words awkward because, for instance, when two men are “married,” which is the husband, or are both?

Graham wrote,

“The Methodist Church in the United Kingdom has released its own ‘Inclusive Church Language Guide’ that urges ministers and church-goers to avoid using words such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ (and more) because those terms can be ‘hurtful’ and ‘offensive.'”  He scolded: “Shame on the Methodist Church. These are biblical terms–and marriage between a man and a woman is biblical truth. The word ‘wife’ is used in some 360 verses in 38 books of the Bible.”  He explained, “They are in essence trying to edit what the Word of God says and teaches to be more appealing to the changing whims of culture. We are warned against that in Scripture. As Christians, we aren’t called to avoid what might offend people–we are called to share the Truth of God’s Word that can guide and direct us through every step of life.”

Franklin Graham

A report from The Western Journal explained that the U.K. organization is telling ministers and parishioners to avoid “certain words on the basis that their usage makes ‘assumptions’ about one’s family life.” The church claims,

“As Christians, we need to have the courage for conversations that can sometimes be difficult, to recognize that we sometimes exclude people, to listen with humility, to repent of any hurtful language or imagery and to take care with how we listen and what we say, write or depict, in the Spirit of Christ.”

The Inclusive Language Guide (

It explained about the “infinite variety in the way that God’s creation is expressed in human life,” so, “Terminology such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ may sound inoffensive, but it makes assumptions about a family or personal life that is not the reality for many people.” The report noted,

“Other terms such as ‘brothers and sisters’ are also unacceptable on the grounds that it ‘doesn’t take into account our nonbinary friends.'”  Going full into the “woke” ideology being promoted by leftists, the church said, “You might consider using ‘siblings,’ ‘friends’ or ‘children of God’ instead. Similarly, using ‘he or she’ could be exclusive; ‘they’ is also accurate and acceptable.”  The statement explained the church organization wants to recognize the “harm” that has been done to “marginalized groups” by the church, and “make amends.””

The Inclusive Language Guide (

Calvin Robinson, who has been outspoken in fighting progressivism in the Church of England, blasted the UK Methodist Church for its guidance and suggested it’s symptomatic of a neo-Marxist attempt to effectively destroy it. 

Click here to access Calvin’s site

“This is not Christianity,” Robinson wrote on X.

“It is Critical Theories: ‘smash heteronormativity.’ It is no longer enough to acknowledge disordered lifestyles. Everything normative and ordered must be demolished for fear of causing offense.”

Calvin Robinson

He continued:

“Critical Theories is neo-Marxism. It is a communist ideology, antithetical to the Christian faith. It is not possible to be a communist and a Christian. One must make a choice. Embrace the ways of this trendy yet toxic ideology, or embrace God’s order,”

Calvin Robinson

Tony Pearce

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