Light for the Last Days

Signs of the Times – April 2023

Dimming the Sun

In an interview on Fox News Tucker Carlson says that Bill Gates in backing a project on ‘Sun dimming technology’ in the attempt to cause global cooling.

He says Harvard scientists are testing releasing calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere to create a massive chemical cloud to reflect sunlight back into space and cause temperatures on earth to cool.  It’s called solar geo-engineering and it works something like this. Thousands of planes fly very high and use nozzles to inject tons of light reflecting particles into the stratosphere. This would create a thin chemical cloud around the atmosphere blocking some sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface.  It would mimic a giant volcanic eruption which we know cools the earth. 

According to some this in not just a project for the future but is happening now through various attempts to control the weather, including the DARPA / HAARP project (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and the issue of Chemtrails releasing nano particles from planes. 

This is officially dismissed as a conspiracy theory and I am not in a position to confirm or deny whether it is true or not. However it is certainly true that powerful globalist figures like Bill Gates and the UN are actively looking into using geo-engineering as a way to resolve the climate problem which they see as the greatest threat to life on earth.

Clearly this is a highly dangerous move. They cannot experiment or test it before trying it out and they don’t know what the final results will be. Once the chemicals are injected, presumably they cannot then be removed if something goes wrong. The people proposing this compare this procedure to the results of a volcanic eruption. In 1815 the massive volcanic eruption at Mt. Tambora, Indonesia, caused the following year to be “Year without summer” as average global temperatures decreased significantly leading to the coldest temperatures in Europe on record, resulting in major food shortages.

Critics have also likened the possible effect of geo engineering projects to the result of the ’nuclear winter’ that would follow a major nuclear war. This would have the potential to bring life on earth to an end. 

The past winter has been marked by extremely cold weather around the globe, with feet of snow and record cold temperatures recorded in various places. North America, China, Japan, Siberia, central Asia, eastern Europe have all experienced record lows with some extreme cold storms dumping feet of snow in the USA in particular.  The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) revealed that Total Snow Mass for the Northern Hemisphere this year is way above average for period 1982-2012.


Interestingly the Bible warns of changes in our perception of the sun, moon and stars as a sign of the last days, along with famines and natural disasters. Maybe this has something to do with it. 

For the stars of heaven and their constellations will not give their light; The sun will be darkened in its going forth, and the moon will not cause its light to shine.

Isaiah 13.10

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.

Joel 3.21

“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

Luke 21.25-26

The new axis of tyranny

China May Have Fired ‘the Opening Salvo’ in a Military Confrontation Over Taiwan. The Chinese government has announced that it will begin to stop and inspect any ship that is seen sailing through the Taiwan Strait, according to alarming new reports. Taiwan has stated that it will not cooperate with any kind of “search and seizure” by the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

Iran, China and Russia recently conducted joint naval exercises in the Sea of Oman, dubbed Marine Security Belt 2023. Iran’s state-controlled Press TV boasted that to oppose the United States, China and Russia have also stepped up their “joint military exercises in recent years as part of their aligning of foreign policies.”

China says joint drills with Russia, Iran deepened trilateral cooperation, friendship (

According to an article by the Gatestone Foundation,

The vacuum created by the rapid decline of America is making way for the creation of a new axis of tyrannies: Russia, China and Iran, with North Korea not far behind.

Gatestone Foundation

As the Tehran Times, which has close ties to Iran’s foreign ministrywrote:

“Today we are witnessing the formation of a new world order.”

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton said:

We’re sitting still, and the Chinese, the Russians, Iran, North Korea, and several others, are moving to shore up their relations and threaten us in a lot of different places… It’s an indication that the Saudis and others are also trying to hedge their bets with China and Russia, because they don’t think the United States has the resolve and the fortitude necessary to do what they need to do to protect the world against Iran and its intentions. The Chinese have a strategy they’ve been following… We kind of wander around from day to day.

John Bolton (Former US National Security Advisor)

China’s goal is to take world leadership. It is achieving this by beefing up its military and threatening not just Taiwan, but all of the South East Asia region. It is deepening its alliances in Central Asia, and working on the Middle East, where it has just concluded a reconciliation agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

It is working for an end to the war in Yemen.  It is proposing a peace agreement for Israel and the Palestinians also as well as working on a peace proposal for Russia and Ukraine.  It is also increasing its influence in Africa and South America.

On the economic front it is wanting to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, working with the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

It is now drawing in Saudi Arabia and Iran into an economic alliance which would make its currency the yuan equal or more powerful than the dollar in world trading terms. 

At home China is stepping up its dictatorship and taking control over Christianity and all religions. The Chinese government recently published a draft version of the 2023 “Administrative Measures for Religious Activity Venues,” a set of restrictions on religion that are even tighter than the 2005 rules they will supersede.

Coming Soon in China: New (and Worse) “Administrative Measures for Religious Activity Venues” (

Among other changes, a house of worship will now be required to demonstrate it “supports the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, supports the socialist system,” and “carries out in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping Thought” to maintain its license to operate. Xi Jinping Thought is the political philosophy of the current Chinese dictator. It has been written into the Chinese constitution and incorporated into the Chinese Communist Party’s rulebook, to the exclusion of all other ideologies, even the writings of Chinese Communist Party founder Mao Zedong.

Xi Jinping Thought is mandatory reading for schoolchildren and taught in college as though it were a great work of literature.

Religious institutions must embrace this programme, which means hollowing out the religion and replacing it with Chinese Communist Party dogma.

“Note that it is not enough to refrain from dissent. Places of worship, whose ‘liquidation’ is made quicker and easier, should actively preach ‘love for the motherland, and support for the leadership of the CCP and the socialist system,’”

observed China watchdog site Bitter Winter.

The 2023 regulatory update requires all religious faiths to preach “national consciousness, civic awareness, awareness of the rule of law, the correct distinction between ethnic customs and religious beliefs, and shall not use religion to interfere with administrative, judicial, educational and social life.”

In December 2021, China banned all foreign individuals and organisations from “spreading religious content online.”

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that parents in the city of Wenzhou were ordered to sign documents renouncing their religious faith in order to keep their children in school.

Communist Party authorities in Henan province, China, recently mandated that anyone seeking to attend a church service must fill out a form and get government approval every time they would like to go.

I am reminded of the passage in Daniel 11.36-39 which speaks of the coming antichrist:

“Then the king shall do according to his own will: he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished; for what has been determined shall be done. He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all.’

Daniel 11.36-39

What about the Gospel?

On Easter Sunday Churches were praised for “Offering a sense of belonging to people across the country”, as part of a Biblical message. Christian values were proclaimed to be “British values” because “The message of the Gospel is embedded in the nation’s history and national fabric”.  Words spoken by the Archbishop of Canterbury in his Easter message from Canterbury Cathedral? No by our Hindu Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. 

Sunak’s Easter message: ‘Christian values are British values’ | The Independent

Justin Welby used his Easter message to give ‘clarity on the decision to invest £100 million into overseas communities impacted by the Church of England’s historic links with slavery’. He said this action was caused by the fact that some church commissioners from the 17th – 19th century owned slaves. 

Church of England announces £100m fund after slavery links – BBC News

He said this was not ‘post colonial guilt’ or ‘ambivalent wokery’ but an example of the ‘living reality of Christ’ which ‘compels us to consider and respond to such actions.’

It would have been good if ‘the living reality of Christ’ compelled the Archbishop to preach the Gospel, rather than indulge in political programmes which commend him to the progressive elite, but do nothing to advance the Christian message in our land. 

There have been countless church figures through the ages who have done bad things, suppressing the teaching of the Gospel, exploiting the poor with fraudulent schemes to bring money into the church, abusing women and children and yes, owning slaves and justifying the slave trade. We regret the bad witness that has been given by such people, especially the appalling record of anti-Semitism in much of the visible church. Those responsible, like all of us, must give account to God for what they have done. 

No one living today is responsible for what happened 200 years or so ago. We can’t change what has happened in the past. We can’t repent for other people’s sins.  We can give to the poor and help victims of exploitation and abuse today and seek to right such wrongs that are happening now, as far as we are able.

We can also remember church leaders like John Newton and William Wilberforce who served the Lord by campaigning against the slave trade and were instrumental in bringing it to an end. 

Above all the living reality of Christ today should compel us to do what Archbishop Welby and the Anglican hierarchy appear reluctant to do – preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and call sinners to repentance and faith in Him. 

Since judgement starts in the house of God, this should begin with the manifest failure of the Church of England leadership to uphold biblical teaching and scriptural values, especially on moral and family issues. 


They should start with rejecting the decision of the Synod to bring in measures to bless homosexual sin, which is currently tearing the Church of England apart. 

America falling apart

Just how far America has fallen is revealed in articles by Michael Snyder (extracts following):

As our society comes apart at the seams all around us, Satan and Satanism are becoming extremely popular. Videos featuring Satan are getting millions of views on TikTok and YouTube, millions of Americans are watching shows that feature Satan as a main character on Netflix and other streaming services, and the Satanic Temple has become one of the fastest growing religious organisations that the United States has ever seen. As you will see below, traditional American values are declining at a very rapid pace, and it was inevitable that something would fill that void.  In fact, it turns out that Satanism’s “values” correspond almost perfectly with the “values” that much of the population has already embraced in this day and age.

Excerpt from articles by Michael Snyder
Satan is Getting Hot as Hell in American Pop Culture (

Satan has become one of the hottest spiritual figures in America, and that is unlikely to change any time soon.  The following comes from a Newsweek article entitled “Satan is Getting Hot as Hell in American Pop Culture”… The Devil is front and centre in movies, TV shows, podcasts and even children’s books. There are Satan After School Clubs, while the proliferating Satanist groups have their own political divisions. On Netflix alone there are dozens of titles dealing with hellish demons, including Warrior Nun, Devil in Ohio, The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself and Lucifer, in which the ruler of Hell runs a piano bar in California.

Excerpt from articles by Michael Snyder

On top of everything else, a major convention is coming up.  It is being billed as “the largest satanic gathering in history”, and it is being held in Boston at the end of April… and is titled “Hexe Nacht in Boston” — otherwise known as “Witches Night.” The Satanic Temple is the organization that runs the conference.  It was established in 2012, and it now has more than 700,000 registered members… That makes the Satanic Temple one of the fastest growing religious organizations in U.S. history.

Excerpt from articles by Michael Snyder

Greene County man sentenced to 3,000 years in prison for sex crimes against children

In such an environment, it is easy for evil to thrive.  For example, a man was recently convicted of “2,190 counts of rape of a child under age 13”, but it barely made a blip in the news… A Greene County man was sentenced on Tuesday to 3,000 years in prison for sex crimes against children. The reason why it barely made a blip in the news is because there are hordes of other predators out there that are just like him.

Excerpt from articles by Michael Snyder

Homeowner smells cigarette smoke on his property after missing some items. Cops find 24-year-old with meth and fentanyl living in an attic.

So many of our once beautiful cities have degenerated into drug-infested, crime-ridden hellholes, and we are currently in the midst of the worst drug crisis in the entire history of the United States.  Just look at what is going on in Philadelphia. Open air drug markets operate freely, and addicts stagger around like zombies in broad daylight… Today, even if drug dealers are caught and put in prison, they are often just given a slap on the wrist by Soros-funded district attorneys.  Vast amounts of illegal drugs continue to pour over our unsecured borders every single day, and at this point we have so many addicts that they are literally being found just about everywhere.

Excerpt from articles by Michael Snyder
Silicon Valley Bank: why did it collapse and is this the start of a banking crisis? | Banking | The Guardian

There’s absolutely no doubt that our financial system is in flux right now. We’re watching a storm approach, and it’s about to envelop the entire nation in chaotic conditions. On March 15th, in the midst of the banking collapses and warnings of a financial storm approaching, the Federal Reserve issued a press release detailing a new instant payment system called FedNow that will be launched in July. 

This is a first stage towards setting up the payment network needed to implement Central Bank Digital Currencies and the cashless society. The banking crisis and the collapse of cryptocurrencies along with inflation are contributing to the required conditions to bring this to pass.  The article says: ‘If your bank account was suddenly emptied and you had nothing left – no retirement fund, no savings, no checking, nothing – what would you agree to in order to restore it all? What if you were offered a bailout but it was in the form of a different kind of dollar – a CBDC to replace the dollars you lost, but that you can only use digitally?’

If this happens, we’re in a perfect position for CBDCs to be forced upon us. It could very likely turn into our only legal tender.  And if it’s our only legal tender, we’re looking at a cashless society and all the controls that such a thing allows.  It would affect nearly every facet of our everyday lives, and every dime we spend would be subject to surveillance. The potential for abuse of power and lack of privacy is breath taking. The government would literally hold a monopoly on money and financial transactions.

Excerpt from articles by Michael Snyder

Of course Europe and the UK are not far behind and the collapse of America will soon be followed by the economic and social collapse of Europe. To be followed by the takeover by the totalitarian forces of antichrist. 

Christianity is the problem not the solution

On 27th March Audrey Hale shot her way into her former school, the Covenant School in Nashville, Texas, gunning down anyone in her path. Seven people were shot dead before the killer herself was shot and killed.  Sadly a familiar story in the USA but this one had a different twist.  The school was a Christian school, Audrey was brought up in a Christian home, but now identified as a transgender male, calling herself Aiden and wanted to be known as such.  She had a manifesto indicating her resentment for having to go to a Christian school, and her family’s refusal to recognise her as a transgender male.

Immediately, the Left turned loose its attack dogs, savaging the media for “misgendering” the shooter that everyone had rightly described as a woman. Within hours, both USA Today and The New York Times apologized for calling Audrey a “female,” editing stories and headlines to appease the unappeasable mob who have fostered hostility for those who refuse to yield to their dangerous and destructive charade.
Hours later, the blame game began in earnest. None of this would have happened, activists said, if society were more accepting of the trans ideology, if Audrey’s parents had just been more open to her male identity, if states had just stopped banning drag shows and kids’ gender transitions.  One NBC reporter even went so far as to lay responsibility at the feet of conservatives for fighting to protect children from the transgender ideology that so obviously haunted Hale. If she was a victim of anything, others claimed, it was “intolerant … brainwashing” and “religious indoctrination” by her Christian upbringing.
A storm is brewing in this country that screams, “Christianity is the problem!” The calls are coming for the faithful to step back from cultural engagement, to acquiesce on biblical truth where the battle is raging the fiercest: for our children. It’s the same argument the Left has been using on the parents of confused kids — give in or they’ll hurt themselves. To the church it will be: back off or they’ll hurt others.
The inclination will be to move away from biblical truth, the very source of hope and freedom that confused and troubled souls like Audrey need. But that’s not the way forward in a nation broken and bleeding. As much as the other side would like to manage the chaos by indulging these delusions and passing meaningless legislation, the problem isn’t the state of our laws; it’s the condition of the heart.
These tragedies are the bitter fruit of a deception that’s destroying us. It’s time to address these lies with urgency, acknowledging that we are a broken people in need of the God that we keep pushing away.

From an article by Tony Perkins in the Washington Stand

Maranatha – may the Lord come soon! 

Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.

Luke 21.27-8

Tony Pearce

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