Light for the Last Days

The true spiritual meaning of water baptism – Keith Malcomson


“You see, we treat the ‘old man’ like ‘a good old friend’, in a familiar way. The ups and downs, the ins and outs, we get so used to them. Why bury a man that’s alive? Some of you aren’t willing to bury the ‘old man’ because you still think he’s very alive; you treat him like he’s alive, you treat him with respect; you have a seat at the dinner table for him. The same way you speak to your wife, you say, ‘come old nature, ‘old man’, you sit here; you can take pride of place’. God help us.”

“You cannot live this Christian life by feelings, or thoughts, or emotions. You’ve got to live it by faith in what the Bible says. It’s radical, it’s radical; it’ll change you. All of us are working through this. Don’t think I’m the finished product; I’m on the way. I’m working this out in my life by the grace of God.”

Keith Malcomson –

Tony Pearce

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