Light for the Last Days

The Jewish Wedding system and the Bride of the Messiah

Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum at the Bridge


On Thursday May 9th at 8pm, Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum spoke on:

‘The Jewish Wedding system and the Bride of the Messiah’

Arnold is one of the leading expositors in the world of the Messianic view connecting Yeshua / Jesus with his Hebrew roots. In this talk he relates the Jewish wedding system of the day to the first and second coming of Jesus the Messiah and His programme for the ‘bride’, the true believers in Jesus. His work gives a convincing answer to replacement theology (the church has replaced Israel) and attempts to deny the Jewishness of Jesus, in particular the current trend to speak of Jesus as a Palestinian.

This talk was part of the regular programme of The Bridge Christian Fellowship, 54, Bridge Lane, Temple Fortune, London, NW11 0EH.

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Tony Pearce

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