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Israel Desk – Update

June 6, 2021 Update


Amen! We’re going to look at the Holy Spirit again today.

Just before I get into the talk, somebody was asking me about Israel and the government of Israel.

I might just say a little bit. Betty prayed for the government of Israel which we should all do.

A bit of a strange government actually, one has to say. One of my sources of information is a man called Mordechai Kedar. He said that the present government is like ‘a car with four wheels all going in different directions’.

How far that is true, we shall see; but it is actually made up of many different units if you like. One is led by a man called Naftali Bennett who is, politically, to the right of Netanyahu and wants to put forward a motion to absorb much of the West Bank, Judea and Samaria into Israel.

Naftali Bennett – Wikipedia

Other members of the coalition are sort of liberal to left-wing who want Israel to leave the areas of Judea and Samaria, and there’s also the Muslim Brotherhood.

2021 Israeli legislative election – Wikipedia

So, if you want to work it out, in British terms, it’s a bit like a alliance of UKIP, the Liberal Democrats, the Corbynist wing of the Labour Party, and the Muslim Brotherhood thrown in for good measure.

You can see how well that’s going to work, can’t you?

One thing they have in common is that they want to get rid of Netanyahu.

It’s a difficult situation because Israel is facing many serious difficulties, especially with the unrest in the territories which came up during the Gaza conflict that is still not really resolved today.

Hamas is continuing to threaten Israel as is Hezbollah and Iran and there are all kinds of tensions within the land.

So, we need to really pray for Israel, pray that God can save them.

I know some of the religious ultra-Orthodox have said that Israel’s failure to provide a real government means that the Messiah must be coming to sort it out soon.

Well, we believe the Messiah is coming but it’s not same messiah, it’s Yeshua, coming back after a time of trouble.

But we need to continue to pray for Israel.

One other item. We have friends in Israel who we’ve supported, who are basically Jewish believers, evangelicals bringing the message of the Messiah to the people of Israel.

Just recently, one of them, Eitan Bar, did a debate with an Orthodox Jewish rabbi on the subject of the Talmud, the Oral Law.

If you know anything about Judaism, you know that the Jewish teaching is that when Moses received the Torah, the written Law at Sinai, he also received what they call the Oral Law which is how to interpret the Torah, handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation and finally written down in the Talmud.

We don’t actually believe that. We believe that the written Law is all that God gave, and that we need to understand it through the New Covenant to reassure the Messiah.

First Ever Orthodox vs Messianic Debate – in Hebrew! – ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

Now, the Talmud is just the works of men and is one of the barriers to Jewish people believing in Jesus.

But Eitan Bar did a very good job and the web has gone out all over Israel and social media, so people have been watching that and we just pray that people might turn to the Lord.

There’s been a backlash, however, since the Orthodox have now accused them of breaking some Israeli law, and they’re facing massive fines which, if the lawsuit goes through, would mean that it could really be ruinous because they won’t be able to pay them.

We need to remember them, perhaps give some support to One for Israel at this time, and pray that the Word may continue to go out in the land of Israel.

Let’s just have a word of prayer as we come to the Word of God.

Lord, we do pray for Israel at this time. We pray for its new government and we know that it’s very diverse and that it has totally different views on many things. We just pray Lord, that you’ll overrule what happens there and we pray for the protection of the people of Israel and the land of Israel from those who would seek to destroy them.

We pray also for the spiritual condition of the land. We see that there’s much that’s displeasing to you and much that is contrary to you in the land of Israel, from both the religious and the secular aspects, so we just pray Lord, that those who stand for you, the Jewish believers in Yeshua and who preach the Word of God, particularly our friends in One for Israel may be blessed and may be effective in bringing your Word to them.

We do commit this situation to You in which they’re facing a lawsuit from the Orthodox community and pray Lord that they will not have this massive fine imposed upon them, but that they’ll be able to continue to work to bring the Word of God to the people of Israel and point people to Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.

We do pray Lord that you bless us now and help me to preach your Word and accomplish Your purposes, in Jesus’ name, amen. Amen.

Tony Pearce