Light for the Last Days

Have the tables turned for Israel?


We see trauma in Gaza.: dead people, destroyed buildings, refugees in tents in cold and wet weather, hunger, a growing humanitarian crisis. There are calls for a ceasefire.

But who is responsible for the situation? It is a moral dilemma. 

If we support Israel, are we responsible for this?

Are the terrorists who launched the war responsible, or is it Israel who responded to those who want to destroy it? Israel is also a victim of hatred and terror threats from all sides.

Or is it Iran who is leading the terrorism and supplying its clients with missiles and weapons, bringing oppression and ruin to Arabs as well as Israelis? 

Israel’s enemies are calling for massacres and an end to Israel, and perpetrating and supporting attacks on Jews worldwide. Do they mean it? 

Over millennia, the Jewish experience in the diaspora includes crusades, the Inquisition, pogroms, and the Holocaust. Jewish communities have been defenceless, and victims of cruel, evil people, some claiming to be Christian but betraying everything Jesus Christ stood for. 

The difference now with Israel is that the Jews have a state and are able to hit back at their enemies.

However, ‘hitting back’ leads to war and calamity. War is horrible. The images we watch on TV of Gaza are horrific. Israel is accused of genocide in demonstrations, and antisemitism escalates. 

In the UK, British Jews have suffered an ‘explosion in hatred’ in the wake of the Hamas terror attack. It occurs in schools, universities, workplaces, on the streets, and all over social media. The number of anti-Semitic incidents jumped 147 per cent last year to record levels, with a massive surge in the wake of the Hamas atrocities on October 7, a report said.

The London Borough of Barnet has registered the highest numbers of violent incidents of antisemitism in country.

A Member of Parliament, Mike Freer, has decided to retire from politics because of abuse, mainly because of his support for Israel. Even though he is not of Jewish heritage, he has received death threats.

Another Member of Parliament, Tobias Ellwood, had his house surrounded by a mob calling him ‘complicit in genocide’ because he did not support motion calling for ceasefire in Gaza.

Parliament is vying with accusations of islamophobia, antisemitism, racism against black people, and the government has just decided to re-define what ‘extremism’ means. Overall, little is achieved that could be counted as progress. In fact, it seems like all of this is making society more divided and fostering hate rather than union and love.

Christians are saying they feel ostracised from their congregations/fellowships because of their support for Israel. These churches are somewhat forcing members not to say anything about the conflict or to pray in support of Israel. 

As seen severally throughout history, antisemitism is a clear sign of a society under judgement.

South Africa has accused Israel of genocide in the International Court of Justice. Those who support Israel are considered to be complicit in genocide. 

Where this situation really hits us is on the issue of support for Israel. Are we supporting mass deaths, a just war, or genocide? 

Tony Pearce

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