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As a result of the Ukraine war food is in short supply, particularly in the poorer parts of the world: Africa and parts of the Middle East; even people as far as Indonesia are being affected by this war.

What does it say in Revelation? It says, war followed by famine, followed by death. It’s taking place.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict

I also mentioned the war situation. So, we’re all aware of what’s happening in Ukraine at the present time. The Russians are mobilizing thousands of fresh troops as they prepare for a new offensive in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, NATO countries are getting ready to send heavy tanks to Ukrainians for the first time since the war began.



Russia has made some gains – little gains – at the cost of thousands of lives being lost and it remains a terrible situation for the people. There is massive destruction taking place.

Last week, we had speeches from Mr Putin and from Mr Biden which, if you look at them, were quite interesting.

Putin was speaking in Moscow before all the gathered people who support him. He said that the side Ukraine Russia has captured had been taken over by neo-Nazis who want to destroy Russia with the help of NATO.

The GDELT Project

According to him Russia was forced into war because these neo-Nazi elements threatened Russia’s existence.

He basically said it’s a war between Russia and NATO and that Russia must prevail in order for Russia to have safety.

I have to say that I saw a picture of the people attending the speech being photographed from the front, and that, they all looked fairly bored. They did not seem very impressed, yet one or two of them gave clapped because that’s what they had to do.

One wonders how much the Russians actually believe what Putin is telling them. I don’t know, I suspect not very many.

The following day there was a big rally in Moscow to which Putin bussed people in from their jobs and everyone had to go along and chant Россия (Rossiya) / Russia. They left pretty soon afterwards. You have to tow the line in Russia otherwise, you can be in trouble. If you don’t – people like Alexei Navalny you end up in jail.

Alexei Navalny: Russia’s jailed vociferous Putin critic – BBC News

Russia, unfortunately, has gone back from progressing towards some kind of better life after Gorbachev to going back to what it was before. And it’s becoming now a police state too.

Putin has said he is going to pull out of start that’s the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

And he said

I signed a decree on putting new ground-based strategic missile systems on combat duty

Vladimir Putin

Russia is now deploying nuclear arm ships around the world. For the first time in 30 years Russia has deployed ships armed with tactical nuclear weapons and there’s a fear this is cranking up towards a nuclear conflict.

If Ukraine uses the weapons the West is supplying it with to hit targets inside Russia (which is why they don’t want to give them aircraft) it could cause a reaction from Putin against the West.

Or, if Ukraine tries to get back Crimea, due to the fact that Crimea is absolutely vital to Russia’s interests (they must have control of the port of Sebastopol for their navy and to achieve the aim of getting Ukraine back into Russia), this could cause a huge crisis.


(I’ve written a pamphlet here which gives you some of the background to the situation. Unfortunately, they’ve all gone. I did bring some today but they’ve already gone. However, I can email them to you or get some more next week.)

It is a complex situation and it’s getting more and more difficult. In fact, China has now entered in and there is talk of China supplying weapons to Russia. The Americans have now sent a warning to the Chinese saying that such action on their part would bring serious consequences to China.

What about NATO?

Last week Mr Biden went to Warsaw and he gave a speech saying that freedom must prevail. He denounced Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine as a threat to freedom and democracy and accused Russia of war crimes crimes against humanity, of killing children, rape, and attacks on civilians.

Biden Marks One Year of Ukraine War, Says World at ‘Inflection Point’ (

He sees the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a test case for NATO, Europe, and America. He said that ‘If we win, freedom will be guaranteed in Europe. If not, that will be another victory for tyranny‘.

He also said that

Democracies of the world will stand guard over our freedom today, tomorrow, and forever. That’s what’s at stake here. Our support for Ukraine will not waver. NATO will not be divided. We will not tire.

Joe Biden

He also pledged 500 million (or was it billion?) dollars to arms for Ukraine as well as the tanks which had already been pledged by European countries. They were also questioned about giving war aircraft.

So, where is it all ending? Is there going to be a settlement?

As far as I can see, there’s no end game in sight. Putin can’t take the whole of Ukraine, he hasn’t got enough resources to do it. Ukraine probably can’t push Russia out altogether, especially out of Crimea.

Sky News

It’s an article of faith that Russia must be defeated in Ukraine. And Zelensky said that Ukraine must take control of the whole of the Donbas and Crimea.

The problem is that either of those scenarios could lead to a wider war, inclusive of a nuclear war.

If Russia wins and occupies the whole of Ukraine, then, it will probably lead to some kind of conflict with NATO.

And if it doesn’t, then, it could lead again to another type of conflict with the only way out being some kind of settlement in which the Ukraine agrees to give up the Donbas and Crimea regions in return for peace.

This is what China is proposing. But people say that’s most unlikely to happen. So, you’ve got a kind of global struggle for control.

Ukraine war: China unveils 12-point peace plan as it calls for ceasefire | World News | Sky News

Conflicting world orders

If you look at it, behind it all, there is a struggle between the Western World Order and the Russian World Order (with Russia and China as allies).

To be honest, neither of them are good. They both have their faults. Although I’m totally against what Putin’s done in Ukraine, I recognize there’s also another side to the story which we have to be aware of.

Is it really about freedom and democracy or is it part of the globalist agenda? Is there going to be a fallout from this which will lead them further towards the goal of the one world political system?

One of the things which is blocking the way to the One World system is Russia itself, because Russia has fallen out of the system and they want to follow their own plan. That is why some people who are supportive of what I call the anti-World Economic Forum plan are actually quite supportive of Russia.

I am against the World Economic ‘World Government’ Forum, but I’m certainly not going to support Russia.

Conflict scenarios

One of the outcomes could be a weakening of both powers making the way for a one-world government in which the UN comes in ‘to save humanity’. Or else, you can think about that a bit later but we’re seeing a situation which doesn’t have any outcome at the present time and could lead to a nuclear exchange .

NATO and the Warsaw Pact – History 12 (

We hope it won’t on the basis of M.A.D. which means ‘mutually assured destruction’ which kept us from nuclear war in the Cold War period.

Mutual assured destruction – Wikipedia

It’s probable that they will stop, pullback from nuclear confrontation. But there is a possibility we will have another situation which has to do with China.

Taiwan and China

The last Congress of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping spoke of his determination to take control of Taiwan China.

The Guardian

It is now being reported in China that they are moving towards a mobilization of people who are 18 years or older under a brand new law which is going to take effect next month.

Law of the People’s Republic of China on National Defense (

Why would they need to mobilize people in China? No one is going to attack China. Could China be getting ready to attack Taiwan? We don’t know.

They’re also laying the groundwork for a massive build-up of warfare in every area according to the U.S Office of Naval Intelligence and the reason why they would do that is to be fully involved the moment an invasion of Taiwan begins. Taiwan is, to all extents and purposes, an independent country with strong historical links to mainland China (China maintains Taiwan is not independent and should not attempt to achieve independence).

2022_PLAN_Recognition_Poster_UNCLASSIFIED.pdf (

The Chinese government wants Taiwan to be totally subservient to the Communist Party of China. If they move on Taiwan then, America will have to get involved.

But America is already involved. They’ve just sent some troops to Taiwan to help them boost up their defence.

So, here you have another potential conflict in the making which involves Western nations against the Chinese Communist Party.

Economic dependence

In this case, if there was a war, that would have a massive crisis not just because of the war itself but because it would create a crisis for the supply of the huge amount of goods which come out of China into the rest of the world and also out of Taiwan.

Taiwan is the world’s largest producer of semiconductors, a technology that is used in almost any device which is currently being manufactured right around the world, from fridges to televisions, to cars, they all need these semiconductors.

Most of them, nearly all of them, come out of Taiwan. And if that was shut off then, you’d have a shutdown of Western industry around the world.

Also, China produces not just goods which are used and which are exported to the West but also pharmaceuticals on which supply depend Europe and America to provide hospitals and Western medicine markets. Therefore, any breakdown of trade with China would be a nightmare scenario for the entire globe.

The North Korean dilemma

You also have another situation which is brewing up in North Korea. North Korea started lobbing missiles into the China into the Pacific Ocean a set of two ballistic missiles last week and

Mirror Online

Kim Jong-un seems to be being superseded by his sister called Kim Yo Jong. She appears to be even more fierce than Kim Jong-un and she’s talked about using the Pacific as a firing range.

At the present time, the Americans, Japan, and South Korea are organizing a defence joint exercises to defend themselves against North Korea and North Korea said,

“They had better rack their brains to take measures to defend themselves, instead of doubting or worrying about other’s technology,” she said. “We affirm once again that there is no change in our will to make the worst maniacs escalating the tensions pay the price for their action.”

Kim Yo Jong

We’ve got a brewing situation there too, in the Far East, which could involve North Korea. They’ve got missiles which can actually hit America. They can certainly hit the American bases in Guam (in the Pacific) and, if that happens, America would have to go to war with North Korea.

The food supply chain

All of this is having a devastating effect on the world food supplies. Apart from the fact that Russia and Ukraine provide a lot of grain which goes into Africa and to the Middle East, they provide fertilizers.

Our World in Data

Russia, Belarus, and China produce fertilizers which are used to grow crops around the world.

Because of the breakdown in supply of this these fertilizers and them being held at port (and I read a report on the topic) which says:

Just as semiconductors have become a lightning rod for geopolitical friction, so the race for fertilizers has alerted the U.S. and its allies to a strategic dependency on an agricultural input that is very determinate of food security.

The report cites a fertilizer cargo trapped in Rotterdam that was so precious to the U.N. that they had to intervene to get it moved to Mozambique. It consisted of tons of fertilizer destined for Malawi. About 20 percent of Malawi’s population is projected to face acute food insecurity during the lean season, making use of fertilizers to grow crops all the more vital.


Malawi is one of 48 nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America identified by the IMF as most at risk from the shock to food and fertilizer cost stemmed by Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

Global food shortage and security: New risks | McKinsey

So, this is affecting food production all over the world and particularly affecting poor countries like those in Africa. And it means that there’ll be an estimated 20% drop in food production immediately which will be growing in the years to come, by which I mean that many people are going to starve.

World Hunger Statistics | February 2023 | The Barbecue Lab

We support somebody in Malawi called Frazer. He translates some of my articles in Malawi and he just wrote to me last week to say that they are running out of food and money. So, we’re going to send him some money next week to see if he can get some food. This is just another example of what’s taking place.

As a result of the Ukraine war food is in short supply, particularly, in the poorer parts of the world: Africa and parts of the Middle East, even as far as Indonesia are being affected by this war.

What does it say in Revelation? It says, war, followed by famine, followed by death. This is taking place today.

Israel and the Middle East

What about Israel?

Israeli television reported that the Prime Minister Netanyahu held five secret discussions on the Iranian issue which concluded in the decision to significantly raise the level of Israeli preparation and readiness for an attack on the nuclear facilities in the Islamic Republic.

Netanyahu said,

With no credible military threat Iran will become a nuclear power. The longer you wait, the harder that becomes. We’ve waited very long.

Benjamin Netanyahu

He sent this message to the Americans and to the EU, making it clear that, if the world does not act against Iran, Israel will be forced to act and will not hesitate to do so.

Israel also conveyed messages to Hamas in Gaza, and Hezbollah in Lebanon who are allies of Iran saying that if they attempt to harm Israel, in response to this, they’ll be met with disproportionate force against them.

The Times of Israel

Discussions were convened in the light of reports that Iran has enriched uranium to a level of 84 percent, that is, only six percent short of the enrichment required to make a nuclear bomb.

ABC News (

Israel is already mounting attacks on Iranian targets. At least 5 people were killed more than a dozen injured in an airstrike on a heavily guarded security complex linked to Iran in Damascus last Saturday.

BBC News

It’s claimed that Israel was responsible for a drone attack on a military facility in Iran last month and, also that Iran attacked an Israeli-linked oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

Is this one cranking up for another crisis? It’s possible.

Iran has warned Israel of dire consequences including the destruction of Tel Aviv of Haifa and of Dimona if Israel attacks.

The Times of Israel

They also warned of attacks on diaspora Jews. The Jewish Chronicle last week carried an article with the headline Iran ‘mapping’ Jews in diaspora for kill squads

The Independent

So, Iran has been mapping the Jewish diaspora. That’s the area around here, for an assassination campaign that would be triggered if Israel attacks its nuclear facilities. It was given by a report by a French Jewish woman called Catherine Perez-Shakdam who succeeded in infiltrating and gaining interviews with high-level leaders in Iran.

She said they plan to identify all prominent NGOs run by Jews in each business sector and important rabbis. They want to figure out their influence where they lived with their families in order to target them.

The way they see it, killing Jews would make it easier to deter Israel from attacking Iran, or make Jews pay the price.

Since we live in the middle of a Jewish area, that affects us. And since I speak on this subject could even affect us here.

Perez-Shakdam also met with Ayatollah Khomeini and he revealed that, she said, he began talking about the end of days, how he was the one who usher in the return of the Mahdi (a mythical Islamic leader scheduled to appear at the end of days), and he talked about this great war that would take place, and how Al-Aqsa (mosque in Jerusalem) had to be liberated for the Mahdi to return to save humanity. The Al-Aqsa mosque is near the Dome of the rock in Jerusalem.

He also talked about wars that Iran was fighting in Yemen and Syria and how he had a divine mission.

He justified this by saying that you had to harm enemies of God who shouldn’t be seen as human beings. He said killing the innocent was “okay” because they weren’t really innocent.

Henry Jackson Society

She concluded, and this is interesting, that a mistake we make is to assume Ayatollah Khomeini cares about his own country, he doesn’t. He’ll literally see it burn if it means that Islam will triumph.

She also had an interview with the current Iranian President Raisi before he became president and she said that

He told me he didn’t care if Iran went to war when he became president. “I don’t care if Iran burns as long as our project succeeds”, he said “The influence of Zionists will be brought to an end.

Iranian President Raisi speaking to Catherine Perez-Shakdam

So, we’ve got some pretty dangerous people running a country which could go nuclear at any time. That’s why Israel thinks they’ve got to act sooner rather than later.

Now, if Israel does act, if it attacks Iran, then that will set off a counter-attack from Iran and I would say that if any of these crises I’ve just talked to you about get worse, you could see a sudden plunge into a very dangerous situation worldwide. And they’re all like heating up. It may be sabre-rattling but it may not.

Whatever the case, Matthew 24, which I read to earlier and Revelation 6 seem pretty relevant to me.

Coming back to Revelation 6, it speaks about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse it speaks about the one who’s ride out on the ‘white horse’ Some people ask the question: Who’s the rider on the white horse, the first rider? Is it Jesus riding up to conquer with the Gospel, or is it the Antichrist riding out to conquer and to take control of the nations?

One of the things which this implies is that this one who is described as riding on the white horse; let’s just get the Bible and read the verse

in Revelation 6.2 says,

And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

Revelation 6.2

Therefore, this rider sits on a white horse, he’s got a bow, and he’s got a crown. And he’s going out to conquer. If it is not Jesus and if it is the Antichrist, this tells you a few interesting things:

First of all, the white horse is often ridden by somebody who goes out to conquer.

Also, ‘white’ often implies ‘peace’. So, he’s going to come in peaceably as the universal peacemaker.

He will bring a false peace which will be followed by war, famine, and mass death.

In the Book of Daniel chapter 9 verse 26 he’s called the prince who is to come

“And after the sixty-two weeks
Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself;
And the people of the prince who is to come
Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.
The end of it shall be with a flood,
And till the end of the war desolations are determined.

Daniel 9.26

The Book of Daniel chapter 11 verse 24 it speaks about a vile person who will arise to whom they will not give the honour of royalty but he shall come in peaceably and seize the kingdom by intrigue.

He shall enter peaceably, even into the richest places of the province; and he shall do what his fathers have not done, nor his forefathers: he shall disperse among them the plunder, spoil, and riches; and he shall devise his plans against the strongholds, but only for a time.

Daniel 11.24

In fact, in this context, Daniel is speaking about Antiochus Epiphanies who took control of Syria and took then control of Jerusalem. However, that figure merges with the Antichrist later in the Book of Daniel.

So, I think that this idea of one who is coming peaceably to sort out a problem but actually is coming in by intrigue with the idea of conquering is very interesting.

If he comes out of the revived Roman Empire that would also be interesting because that’s what Daniel seems to imply. According to Daniel he is given a crown the stefanos which is ‘the crown of a victor’, not the crown of a sovereign. A victor in the games or someone victorious in conflict.

So, he’s given some something from below, given to him by popular approval. He has a bow but he has no arrows and some people are pointing that out. Which may mean that he is going to fight a war but without weapons. He’s going to conquer somehow without weapons.

It’s a speculation but it seems to me interesting that we’ve got all these crises coming and then someone comes along and has the answer and, as he comes along, he gives the answer. People then begin to accept him as the world leader to save us from destruction.

He goes out conquering and to conquer.

If you take the pre-Tribulation Rapture view, then he comes after we’ve gone if that is the case then the Rapture, all this could be quite near.

It also occurs to me that the Rapture itself could be an event which causes people to look to someone to solve this problem. Imagine if, suddenly, a lot of people disappear in all these countries, that is, on both sides: in Russia and America, and Ukraine, and Britain, and in Arab countries, in Africa and no one can tell why they’ve disappeared.

Someone comes along and says, ‘I have got the answer‘, perhaps they were taken by UFOs or something similar – remember all these recent stories about ‘spy’ balloons and people looking for UFOs?

Then the Antichrist comes along and says, ‘We’ve got to unite the world against this threat‘.

Who is the Antichrist?

Again, all this is getting into speculation but it’s interesting that you see all these things coming together at this time, leading us towards some kind of a global solution which someone is going to come up with, and therefore, as a result of such solution, they’re going to offer us world peace and a world government.

“At that time Michael shall stand up,
The great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people;
And there shall be a time of trouble,
Such as never was since there was a nation,
Even to that time.
And at that time your people shall be delivered,
Every one who is found written in the book.
And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,
Some to everlasting life,
Some to shame and everlasting contempt.
Those who are wise shall shine
Like the brightness of the firmament,
And those who turn many to righteousness
Like the stars forever and ever.

“But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

Daniel 12.1-4

Tony Pearce

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