Light for the Last Days

Islam, migration and the future of Europe.

Islam has a concept called ‘dawa’, which means preaching of Islam with a view to non Muslims converting to Islam.  The aim of ‘dawa’ is to change the existing society into an Islamic one.  In relation to Europe one way to do this is by mass migration of Muslims into Europe.  These Muslims then have a high birth rate and eventually become the majority in the European society as the birth rate in native European communities declines and Christian faith is abandoned by the majority.  

According to EU asylum laws anyone in the world at risk of ‘serious harm by reasons of indiscriminate violence in situations of international or internal armed conflict’ can claim protection – which in practice means permanent residence – in an EU country.  This fine sentiment worked as long as relatively small numbers of people were able to reach Europe and claim that protection.  But now huge numbers are on the march eager to leave desperate situations in countries across Africa and the Middle East in search of a better life in Europe.  

Germany exacerbated the situation when Angela Merkel announced on 7th September 2015, ‘As long as there are people needing safety, Germany’s doors will stay open.  What we are experiencing now will keep us busy and change our country in the coming years.’  Very busy indeed!  In Syria alone there are 4.1 million who have fled the country and 7.6 million who are internally displaced.  We can add to this the people fleeing Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Nigeria and other countries in Africa and the Middle East, which are now suffering, dictatorship, poverty, Islamist violence and persecution.  We are talking about tens of millions of people.  

Germany received approximately 1.5 million asylum seekers, mostly Muslim in 2015, adding to the already 5.8 million Muslims living in Germany.  Other countries have also  participated in a migrant race.   Between 2005-2014, three million people immigrated to France, or around 300,000 people a year. In Spain, the process was more chaotic: more than 700,000 migrants in 2005; 840,000 in 2006; almost a million in 2007 and then a slow decrease to 300,000 a year up to 2014.  Most of this migration has been from Muslim countries. EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy, Johannes Hahn, said: ‘There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe.’

According to the president of the Bavarian Association of Municipalities (Bayerische Gemeindetag), Uwe Brandl, Germany is now on track to have “20 million Muslims by 2020.” The surge in Germany’s Muslim population represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that will change the face of Germany forever, “but we are just standing by, watching it happen.”

Islam is the fastest growing religion in post-Christian Germany. This is evidenced by the fact that an increasing number of churches in Germany are being converted into mosques, some of which are publicly sounding calls to prayer (the adhan) from outdoor loudspeaker systems. Islamic Sharia law is advancing rapidly throughout Germany, with Sharia courts now operating in all of Germany’s big cities. Radical Muslims are allowed to openly proselytise on German streets to find new recruits and thereby increase their numbers. In a recent recruitment initiative, Salafists launched an unprecedented nationwide campaign, “A Koran in Every Home,” to distribute 25 million copies of the Koran, translated into the German language, to every household in Germany, free of charge.
  At the same time the media and the political establishment are working overtime to silence critics of the rise of Islam in Germany, accusing them of hate speech and trying to intimidate them into silence.

Many of these people come with stories of human suffering, especially those who come out of the civil war in Syria.  However numbers like this could overwhelm Europe, undermining it economically and politically.   Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban Put up border crossings to keep the migrants out.  He said he did this to ‘protect our way of life’ adding that ‘Hungary is a country with a 1000 year Christian culture.  We Hungarians don’t want the worldwide movement of people to change Hungary.’  For this he has been widely criticised and his policies likened to Nazi deportations by Austria’s Chancellor Werner Faymann.  Orban sees the present movement of Muslims into Europe as something invasive, a memory of the time when the Muslim Ottoman Empire advanced into the Balkans, Greece, Hungary and Bulgaria, as far as the gates of Vienna, where the Turks were defeated in 1683.  Right wing Dutch politician Geert Vilders spoke of ‘an Islamic invasion of Europe … Masses of young men in their twenties with beards are singing Allahu Akbar across Europe. It’s an invasion that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity,”

Many years ago, Libyan leader Ghaddafi said ‘Islam will take over Europe without violent force within a few decades.   We have 50 million Muslims in Europe.  There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.’ Muslim Brotherhood leader Khurram Murad encouraged mass immigration of Muslims into Europe with the goal of changing ‘the existing society into an Islamic society based on the Koran and the Sunna, and make Islam, which is a code for entire life, supreme and dominant.’  (The Islamic Movement in the West).

Most of our media dismiss concerns about this as Islamophobia or racism, but there is a genuine issue about the Islamisation of Europe.  Mass migration is coming into Europe from mainly Muslim countries.  Already parts of major cities in Europe from Malmo in Sweden to Marseille in France have become Islamised, with Muslim quarters where non Muslims are intimidated and driven out and even the police and emergency services are afraid to enter.  A district of The Hague in Holland is run by unofficial Sharia law, while in Belgium radical Muslim leader Abu Islam heads a group called Sharia4Belgium.  He says it is only a matter of time before Muslims, with their high birth rate compared to the low birth rate of Europeans, are a majority in the country.  At this point he hopes to impose Muslim Sharia law on the whole country.

Lebanese education minister, Elias Bousaab, said that that two out of every 100 Syrian migrants are IS fighters.  He said that the extremist group is sending trained jihadists under cover to attack targets in the West.  If this is so then thousands of jihadists could be using the cover of the refugees to enter Europe without passports, avoiding detection.  ISIS is recruiting young Muslims from Britain and other European nations to join its fight and engage in terrorism against the countries they come from.  Many of its followers are being taught an apocalyptic belief in an Armageddon-like scenario which they trigger and which brings the coming of the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah figure who is said to come at the end of days and convert the world to Islam.

In addition to this the EU’s ‘freedom of movement’ rules mean that there has been a mass movement of peoples from poorer east European nations that have joined the EU to more wealthy west European nations.  This is likely to increase now that the EU has granted visa free access to the EU to around 50 million people in Ukraine and Georgia.  The EU also made a deal granting Turkey visa free access to Europe in return for Turkey restricting migration from refugees into Europe.  At present the EU is wavering on this deal and Turkish President Erdogan is threatening to open the migrant floodgates if the European Union halts its membership talks and wavers on implementing the visa free deal.  This could result in another two million Muslims (either Turkish citizens or refugees) making their way to Europe.

None of this has happened with the consent of the people, many of whom are angry and fearful at what is happening to their countries.  As a result there is anger at the EU elite who are blamed for creating the crisis. In an article on ‘Europe’s planned migrant revolution’ Yves Mamou writes: ‘The “refugee crisis,” in fact, helped to make apparent what was latent: that behind humanitarian reasons, a huge official immigration policy in Europe was proceeding apace. For economic reasons, Europe had openly decided years ago to encourage a new population to enter, supposedly to compensate for the dramatic projected shrinking of Europe’s native population.’  (Gatestone Institute  

Further offence is created by the way the EU authorities have made the Europeans to give way to the immigrants.  In the same article Yves Mamou writes:

  • In the new migrant order, the host population is invited to make room for the newcomer and bear the burden not of what is an “integration,” but the acceptance of a coerced coexistence.
  • “No privileges are granted to the Europeans or to their heritage. All cultures have the same citizenship. There is no recognition of a substantial European culture that it might be useful to preserve.” — Michèle Tribalat, sociologist and demographer.
  • When “good feelings” did not work, however, the authorities have often criminalized and prosecuted anti-immigration critics. The Dutch politician Geert Wilders is currently on trial for trying to defend his country from Moroccan immigrants whose skyrocketing crime wave has been transforming the Netherlands.

António Guterres, the incoming Secretary-General of the United Nations told a room of policymakers in Europe on 23rd November that “migration is not the problem but the solution”, and said politicians should ignore voters. He said European nations have no right to control their borders and that they must instead take in floods of the world’s poorest people.  He insisted that every EU nation must be forced to “share the burden” of mass migration.  He went on to declare: “We must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable and that it is the multiethnic societies which are multicultural and multireligious who are building wealth.”

All of this is provoking a reaction, which is generally anti-EU and anti-immigration.  Some of it is motivated by racism.  However there is a legitimate concern to save European countries from being overwhelmed by newcomers who have no desire to integrate into the existing European culture. In fact many of them wish to change that culture into an Islamic one.  

In 2017 there will be a number of elections in Holland, France and Germany in which these issues will be critical and could lead to victories to right wing anti immigrant parties. Many of these also wish to change the status of their nations in regard to the EU, as has already happened in the Brexit vote in the UK.  Geert Vilders is in a strong position to lead the largest party as a result of the coming Dutch election.  He wants to ban mosques and leave the EU.  In France the Presidential election is likely to end up with a run off between the anti-immigrant and anti-EU National Front leader, Marine le Pen, and the Conservative Francois Fillon, who is standing up for indigenous European culture and mores while opposing further large-scale immigration and accommodation to Islamism.  There are also advances in right wing parties in Germany, Austria and Italy, which are both anti-immigrant and anti-EU.  

On top of all of this we have the continuing crisis in the Euro currency and the possible collapse of major banks in Italy and the Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany.  If the Deutsche Bank goes down the Euro currency and economy will go down with it. Professor Otmar Issing, the first chief economist at the European Central Bank (ECB) and architect behind the creation of the Euro, has warned ‘the Euro will fall like a house of cards’.

This means we are likely to see continuing upheaval taking place across Europe in the coming year.  Two possible outcomes are

  1.  The falling apart of the EU and possible conflict within nations and between nations over the migration issue and the economic one.
  2.  Some kind of dictatorship taking over, in which the elite enforce their ‘New World Order’ overruling and suspending elected national governments.  (Revelation 13)

In the present crisis Europe’s leaders do not appear to know what to do.  The Bible prophesies that out of the crisis of the last days the Antichrist will arise, going forth ‘conquering and to conquer’ according to Revelation 6.   The Bible speaks of the spirit of antichrist taking control of the world in the final government of the Beast who will be empowered by Satan (Revelation 13).  This wicked system will precipitate the final conflict (Revelation 16), which will lead to the physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ (Revelation 19).  The Lord Jesus will then bring in God’s world government, bringing peace and justice to the nations (Isaiah 2.1-4, Revelation 20).

These things happening now are a sign of the soon coming of the Lord Jesus to take His people to be with Himself in the rapture of the church.  When you see these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws near.  Luke 21.28.

Tony Pearce

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