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Brexit – a blow to Global Government.

Article written in July 2016 after the Referendum.

Steven MacMillan, an independent writer, researcher, geopolitical analyst and editor of ’The Analyst Report’ has written,  ‘The EU has always been a key part of the grander strategy by the global elite to destroy national sovereignty and bring in a world government, through eventually amalgamating the EU with other trading blocs.’  The idea that the EU was created by a Western elite who have been surreptitiously working to build a global government was backed up by Herman van Rompuy, the first President of the European Council.  On taking office in 2009, as the Lisbon Treaty gave the EU its President, Foreign Ministry and other trappings of statehood, he announced that 2009 was ‘the first year of global governance.’

To this end the EU has spent half a century pursuing a goal of continual expansion and ever-closer union within its borders.  Now Britain has had the nerve to reverse this process and vote to exit the EU.  This goes against the global government agenda, which is why we had a succession of globalist politicians and organisations like US President Barak Obama, and Secretary of State John Kerry, Christine Lagarde from the IMF, Pascal Lamy from the WTO (World Trade Organisation), the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and G7 world leaders warning the British people not to vote to leave the EU.    ‘Project Fear’ warned that this would rattle Britain’s economy and the global financial system at large.  On the home front politicians of left and right, the nationalists, the trades unions, the Bank of England, most of big business, the BBC and much of the media and the Church of England were all mobilised to work for an ‘In’ vote on June 23rd.

Despite this in the early hours of Friday 24th June David Dimbleby announced on BBC, ‘Britain has voted to leave the European Union’.  A political earthquake shook this nation and Europe and sent shock waves out around the world.  David Cameron announced his resignation as Prime Minister and set in motion a leadership contest within the divided Conservative Party.  Jeremy Corbyn faced a ‘no confidence’ motion as most of his shadow cabinet resigned in the even more divided Labour Party. The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon proposed a second referendum on the secession of Scotland from the rest of the U.K., because ‘the Scottish people have voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.’  Pro Remain supporters blamed the Brexit vote on racism (untrue) and claimed that young people’s future was being put in jeopardy by a vote of mainly older people for Brexit.  3 million people supporting Remain signed a petition to hold another referendum in order to get a different result (a familiar tactic of the EU when it doesn’t get its way).

The EU, which is one of the most undemocratic political institutions in the western world, reacted with shock and fury at the British decision.  European Parliament President Martin Schultz said, ‘The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate’ (i.e. don’t ask the people what they want but dictate it to them).  German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, ‘There’s no way around it: Today is a watershed for Europe and the European unity process.’  

EU leaders are frightened that other countries dissatisfied with the EU government will want to follow Britain to the exit door.   Indeed, no sooner was the referendum’s outcome announced than France’s National Front issued a call for ‘Frexit,’ while Dutch populist Geert Wilders promoted ‘Nexit’ (Netherlands to leave).  In Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, the group known as the ‘Visegrad’ countries, there is anger at EU demands that they take their quota of migrants or face huge fines for every migrant refused.  There is also discontent in the Scandinavian countries.

On the economic front the Italian government used Brexit as a pretext to unleash a €40 billion ($44 billion) bailout of its insolvent banks. Italy’s banks are beset with €360 billion (and rising) in bad loans, some 18% of total bank balance sheets. Italy faces the risk of a ‘full-blown banking crisis’ that could bring the Italian ‘Five Star Movement’ (which also wants to leave the EU) to power as early as next year.  The annual Greek bailout negotiations are about to begin with no workable solution in sight.  Once again there is the possibility that Greece runs out of money and defaults on its debts, causing a crisis in the Euro currency and Greece’s exit from the EU.  The IMF has said that the bank which poses the biggest risk to the global financial system is the mighty Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank which has exposure to €55 trillion worth of derivatives.  What the IMF report means is that if Deutsche Bank falls, everyone else will follow.

George Soros, the billionaire investor who is a fervent supporter of the EU and global governance, is trying to overturn the Brexit vote fearing it will cause the break up of the European Union (EU).  Mr Soros told a panel at the annual meeting of the influential European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) that Brexit should be overturned and instead the EU given even more powers, transferred from national governments. The Council on Foreign Relations is a US based global governance organisation.  

He called the EU ‘a noble, well-intended experiment in international governance, which has failed, and has not delivered what it promised. … But we must not give up. Admittedly, the EU is a flawed construction. After Brexit, all of us who believe in the values and principles that the EU was designed to uphold must band together to save it by thoroughly reconstructing it.  I am convinced that as the consequences of Brexit unfold in the weeks and months ahead, more and more people will join us.’  The thorough reconstruction he is proposing involves more powers being transferred from national governments to the central government of the EU.

He is not alone in saying this.  Martin Schultz, European Parliament President, has issued a call for EU Federal government in the wake of Brexit.  Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian Prime Minister and arch federalist leader of the liberal bloc in the European Parliament, has said, ‘We should forge a strong European federation. Our own European Founding Fathers wrote as early as 1953 a federal constitution for Europe.  They envisioned a Europe with a united defence force (i.e. a European army), a common foreign policy, a small but powerful European government and a full-fledged European treasury with own resources.’  

A Polish TV channel, TVP Info, has seen a document which says that Germany and France have prepared a plan to reform the European Union, which envisages deep integration of EU member states.  According to the channel,  ‘If the proposed document is implemented, then they will set up a single European state – instead of the European Union – which will depend on the strongest players in Europe.’  The member states will not have the right to have their own armies, security services, separate Criminal Code, and national currency. The document envisages creating unified police forces, an overall tax system and so on.  The member states lose control over their borders and procedures of receiving and resettling refugees within their territories. The project also provides for introducing a single visa system as well as conducting a common foreign policy.   The document states, ‘France and Germany share a common destiny and a common set of values that provide the foundation for an ever closer union between their people. We will therefore move further towards political union in Europe and invite the other Europeans to join us in this endeavour.’  This has also been reported in the Daily Express (28/6/16).

Such a programme would certainly go against the will of the majority of people in Europe and could really only be implemented by suspending democracy and introducing a new form of dictatorship.  The unified police force would end up serving a police state, which no political parties or media outlets would be allowed to criticise or oppose.  But then ‘global governance’ has never been about freedom and democracy, but always about control by an unelected elite over the masses who submit to it.  

Bible Prophecy implications.

In our last edition I wrote about the view that the EU is the fulfilment of Bible Prophecies in Daniel and Revelation.  These foresee a revival of the Roman Empire in the spirit of Babylon out of which the antichrist will emerge in the last days of this age.  How does Britain’s proposed leaving of the EU affect this view?   There are a number of possibilities:

  1.  Globalist leaders in the EU and Britain manage to work out some kind of a compromise deal which leaves Britain in pretty much the same position we are in now, but with even less control over our own affairs.  Alternatively they make life so difficult for us in the coming year that the population demands a second referendum, resulting in the decision to leave being reversed.  In this case nothing has changed.  The EU as it is remains the ‘Revived Roman Empire’ with Britain part of it.  
  2.  Britain successfully leaves the EU and is joined by more nations that decide to leave, reducing the number of nations to a core that becomes a single entity in a European Federal State.  This then becomes the seat of power of the antichrist.  Perhaps the number could be reduced to ten nations which become the ‘ten kings’ who ‘receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast.  These are of one mind and will give their power and authority to the beast.’  Revelation 17.12.  In this case the present form of the EU changes into a final union ruled by ‘ten kings’ who give their power to the beast.  Britain is outside of it.
  1.  The EU breaks up and causes a world economic collapse.  Out of this disaster a new entity arises bringing the nations together under some kind of UN dictated world government.  The antichrist rises to power out of this entity.  In this case the former EU becomes one part of the final world government, perhaps one of the ten kings that give their power to the beast.  

Whichever of these possibilities comes to pass, the antichrist will rise to power in the final 7 year period before the return of the Messiah Jesus to the earth (Revelation 13).  The Lord Jesus will end his rule when He returns in power and glory to judge the world in righteousness (Revelation 19) and set up His Millennial kingdom for 1000 years from Jerusalem (Isaiah 2.1-4, Zechariah 14, Revelation 20).

Meanwhile the Lord is calling us to use the time that remains and the period of grace which I believe He has extended to this nation by getting us out of the EU to proclaim the Gospel message.

Two days before the referendum vote we had a prayer meeting in our fellowship.  The Lord led me to read out Micah 2 and apply this to a call to leave the EU: ‘Arise and depart for this is not your rest; because it is defiled, it shall destroy, yes with utter destruction (Micah 2.10).’  In the previous verses the Lord speaks woe to those who ‘devise iniquity’ and ‘oppress a man and his house, a man and his inheritance’.  They change the ‘heritage of my people’ and remove boundaries (verses 4-5).  They reject the word of the Lord and take away the glory of the Lord (verses 6-9).  The EU and global governance agenda is fundamentally antichristian and has played its part in removing our Christian heritage and the moral boundaries set by the Lord.  Our own leaders have been willing co-workers in this, see verse 4:  ‘He has changed the heritage of my people, how he has removed it from me and to a turncoat he has divided our fields.’  

After the word to depart in verse 10, the Lord gives a word of restoration:  ‘I will surely assemble all of you, O Jacob, I will surely gather the remnant of Israel, I will put them together like sheep of the fold, like a flock in the midst of their pasture.  They shall make a loud noise because of so many people, the one who breaks open will come before them; they will break out, pass through the gate and go out by it; their king will pass before them with the Lord at their head.’  On one level this speaks of the restoration of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, something the EU is also working against by its promotion of a Palestinian State and the re-division of Jerusalem (see the following article).  

At the same time this passage speaks to me of the Lord gathering His people together to make a loud noise for the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.  He has come to open the prison doors of captivity to sin and Satan’s power.  He is coming again soon to gather His people together at the rapture of the church and then to come in power and glory as King of kings and Lord of lords, with the armies of heaven (the angelic hosts and the redeemed church of Jesus Christ) following Him (Revelation 19.11-16).  In that day the ‘kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ / Messiah and He shall reign for ever and ever.’  Revelation 11.15.  

Therefore we should use the time that remains to tell the people that ‘God commands all people everywhere to repent because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man He has ordained.  He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead.’  Acts 17.30-31.

Tony Pearce

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