Light for the Last Days

Background to the July 2024 UK Elections


Good morning friends. Everybody well? Praise the Lord! It’s good to see you all.

Let’s just say a word of prayer.

Lord, we thank you that we can meet here this morning. We thank you that you’ve given your Word, and pray you help me to speak. Guide me by your Holy Spirit into all truth. May your will be done in this place. In Jesus’s Name, amen. Amen

I think I’ll sit down. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my back recently, so I’m finding it a little bit hard to talk all the time standing up. Okay, is that right? Do you see me alright?

Okay, let’s start off with a little bit of politics.

I hope you don’t mind me being a little bit political, but we’ve had an announcement this week that we’re going to have an election. I guess everyone’s aware of that.

Maybe not so many are aware of the call which came from the government recently for people to stock up on food water and items needed in case of an emergency.

If you’ve noticed, the question is: ‘What are they worried about now?’

It’s probably not for me to tell you who to vote for. Whoever you vote for is going to run the country or perhaps somebody else be running it. I thought that just before I speak on the Word of God, I would mention a few things from my past experience.

You may know that, before I became a Christian, I was heavily in left-wing politics. I left University as a far-left, almost Marxist teacher. In the summer of 1969, I went on a youth camp with eight Americans, eight people from the United Kingdom, and eight more from the Soviet Union to discuss politics and the fact that I was interested in communism got the the Soviets interested in me too.

Looking back, I can see that there was an attempt to recruit me by a man called Tyer Toov who, I think, was probably with the KGB in the Communist system. And I did join the Communist Party for a brief after that. Not for long however, because at a anti-Vietnam War demonstration where I was holding up my little banner saying ‘US imperialists – out of Vietnam’, a girl went past and gave me a leaflet.

And her leaflet spoke about an alternative revolution and said that the revolution has to start in the heart of man, not in the political system, and that, basically, the problem is the sin of humanity and the answer to this is to believe the Gospel, believe in Jesus.

Her name was Nikki. I didn’t actually talk to her at the time but, a few months later, I did become a Christian, sitting in a room on my own and just asked Jesus to come into my life.

Then, I went to a meeting at which Nikki was actually speaking and giving her testimony. I went up to her and told her I got one of her leaflets and had become a Christian. She was very pleased about that. By the way, Nikki died, so she was my wife. Barbara, whom you all know, is my wife now. Nikki had also been in the Communist Party herself, and she’d been giving out leaflets at far-left demonstrations. So I joined her in that and we used to go to anti- Vietnam War demonstrations, demonstrations about Apartheid in South Africa, and all this kind of stuff.

And we had lots of good opportunities to talk to people. We made up little leaflets which we handed out and talked to people about Jesus.

In the process, I also met Richard Wurmbrand who was interested in our work.

Richard Wurmbrand was a Jewish man from Romania who suffered persecution under the Nazis for being Jewish. He then became a Christian and suffered persecution under the Communists for being a Christian. In fact, he suffered 13 years in prison under communism. Wurmbrand, apart from being a very spiritual man was also a very brilliant man who understood communism, and he gave me all sorts of information which allowed me to understand it much better after I’d left the Communist Party than before I joined it.

One of the things which I which makes it relevant to what I’m going to say about our July 4 election, having done this work and having investigated things happening on the far left, one of the things which we noticed was that the idea that there’s going to be a ‘workers’ revolution’ with armed struggle as in Russia in the early 20th century, and in China in the mid 20th century is not going to happen.

The Communists have understood that a workers’ revolution is not going to happen in Western Europe, so they’ve have to change the strategy, and the strategy has to change to use minority issues like, at the time anti-Vietnam War, anti-Apartheid, anti-racism movements, all these things – some of which were legitimate causes – to use these causes to bring people into the movement, to spread the idea, and also to push the idea that they should take control, as far as possible, of national and international institutions as an ongoing programme.

So, their aim is using issues like anti-racism, environmentalism, free sexuality, using all kind of minority interests, not only to get recruits but also to undermine the establishment, the system.

Simultaneously, anything that is traditional, our traditional society, our conservative society, including Christianity, has to be undermined and people are indoctrinated into taking an anti-establishment line.

Already then, this was going to be an ongoing programme, and it would eventually morph into what you might call the ‘globalist’ UN Agenda, One World agenda.

One of the things people do is to use what they call ‘Cultural Marxism’ to attack the traditional values of society, attack Christian values even to the point of infiltrating the church. They use all these issues: anti-racism, environmentalism, gay rights, the LGBT movement to influence society and impose the diversity agenda upon you.

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If you you don’t believe it, if you don’t go along with it then, you’re ‘far right’, you’re a ‘fascist’ almost, and you’re someone who has to be put down.

In order to achieve this, what they had to do is to take ‘opinion forming places’, in particular universities, the education system, to push out any opposition, deny a platform to those with different ideas to speak and, in the process, they team up with the globalists, with the UN Agenda 30/One World agenda.

People use issues like Covid in our time, like climate change to push for a new kind of society in which they can control the opinion and where, if you go against it, you’re a ‘bad person’ and you’ve got to be put down. Where only one opinion is to be allowed and any opposition is pushed out by calling it ‘far right’, ‘racist’, whatever and that way take control of institutions like schools, universities, the Civil Service, the police even, the judiciary. Not necessarily ‘take control’ of them but influence them.

They also want to influence the media, in particular, they want to get their values into you and remove opposing values, even take control of political parties like the Tories.

One of the interesting things is that, in the 14 years of Conservative government, a whole lot of this agenda has been pushed forward, beginning with David Cameron bringing in the homosexual marriage law.

You can see what’s been happening as a struggle within the Tory party to get diversity candidates in and to push out pro-Brexit and traditional values ones, so that they end up with, basically, one form of thinking.

Now, that’s happened under the Conservatives. What happens if you have a Labour government with a big majority who basically agree with all this stuff? It’s going to become much more, much more extreme and you won’t have any opportunity to oppose it.

Of course, in my time, the issue was Vietnam, Apartheid, all that stuff which they used to get people together. What’s the issue today? Israel and Gaza, and as they focus on Israel and Gaza, so they’re not only demonstrating on behalf of the Palestinians and against Israel, they’re also recruiting people to the cause.

And you got two sections of activists which are behind this: the ‘far left’ and the ‘Islamists’, which, if you analyse their programmes represent the exact opposite but who are coming together for this cause.

And they’re also coming together with the opposition to society as it is today. In America, they’re not just saying ‘Death to Israel’, they’re also saying ‘Death to America’.

You’ve got this same spirit which is anti-system, the anti-everything spirit. If you’ve got to decide who you are going to vote for, you have to bear in mind that that’s the programme. Obviously, we want to vote for people who are going to at least uphold some form of ‘rightness’ and oppose evil.

Interestingly, the education secretary Gillian Keegan recently introduced a proposal for a total ban on sex education for pupils under 9 years old and is set to rule that gender identity is a contested subject and should not be taught in schools.

That’s good, isn’t it? Unfortunately, they’re not likely to get into power, so that’s the problem. Even if they do get into power, it will probably get lost in the process and not happen.

Therefor, we have this decision before us. Will Labour win? Most likely. We know from things he has said that Keir Starmer has attended the World Economic Forum conference, that he liked it, and that he thought it was a good programme. He is likely to be recruited for the what we call the ‘One World System’ without much problem, and he is going to push their policies: the green agenda, etc.

He has also stood fairly firm on Israel – not too bad! He hasn’t been too bad on that issue, but he’s going to have immense pressure from his party to move into the anti-Israel programme.

One of the things of which you may not be aware is that the Islamists want to influence the election. They have given a 15-point plan for Labour which Labour should support if they want the Muslim vote.

So, the Muslims are telling Labour: ‘We want want you to adopt these policies if you want Muslims to vote for you’. The policies include, obviously:

anti-Israel Hamas support, and, as a consequence, sympathy to terrorism

extending Sharia law and influence of Islam in society

You may have noticed in the recent local elections that there were Muslims who won seats for the Green Party and for others, one of them crying ‘Allah Akbar’ as their victory was proclaimed.

You’ve got Muslims dictating to Labour what their policies should be in order for them to secure the Muslim vote.

Some background then about issues which we need to be aware of. Whoever wins the election is going to have to confront the general state of disorder in our society:

  • stabbings (knife crime)
  • overcrowded prisons at breaking point
  • ineffective police (shoplifting, etc)
  • rampant indiscipline in schools
  • increase of mental illness
  • demotivation especially among the young
  • anti-Israel demonstrations which go on week after week

Now, if you look at all of these issues, they are spiritual matters, the result of the rejection of Christianity in our society, and no party has any idea of restoring anything to do with God and Christianity. You have the influence of atheism, humanism, Marxism, relative moral values, multifaith, diversity agenda, all the LGBT propaganda, and also that of Islam at all levels of our society and you see the effect of this on the culture.

I mentioned last week the Eurovision Song Contest. Notice what the UK entry was. It was a celebration of sodomy basically. It was a total disgrace to the nation. Fortunately, it got ‘nul point’, no points from the popular vote which it should have done anyway.

The Irish one was even worse. It was a celebration of witchcraft and basically, a totally degenerate, anti-God, anti-Christian performance.

And so, you have this agenda taking hold of society, this spirit of antisemitism, this spirit of anti-Christianity, and also this reliance of what you might call the ‘far-left’ and ‘Islamist’ agendas coming together, aiming not just at the destruction of Israel but also at the destruction of traditional Western society.

So who do we vote for? Well, you’ll have to decide yourself on that, but I think we have to see that we are under threat in this nation. The problem is the collapse of Christianity, true Christianity, in this nation and in all nations. It is not just the influence of the far left, the Islamists, but also yoga and alternative religions, and the great replacement of what you might call Christian values in our society, and of family values which has resulted in the state of society as it is, and so we are faced with a an election in those terms.

I have to say I’m pessimistic about the results whatever they may be. We know that we are heading for time as trouble and that it is likely that whichever government comes to power (and I’m sure it will be Labour) will move further down the anti-Christian route and will make life difficult for Bible-believing Christians. We need to be ready for that and we need to be strong in our faith so that we can stand against it.

Finally, what about the warning to stock up? Do they know something’s coming? Is there a new pandemic on the horizon?

I watched an interview with Andrew Bridgen who is a dissident Tory MP who left the Tory party. He says there’s a war with Russia coming. I’m not sure that he’s right, but it’s interesting that he says that Rishi Sunak doesn’t want to be prime minister in such circumstances, so he called an election which he is almost certain to lose.

What is happening in Ukraine is that there are new weapons coming in from NATO which are capable of sitting inside Ukraine and attacking Russia. Russia, for its part, has warned that if missiles come from from Britain, from France, from America and hit Russian territory, they will take action against us.

What that action will be, God knows. We pray that it won’t be really serious like the use of nuclear bombs, but we are in a very dangerous position, with a pretty manic government in Russia and some dangerous actions being taken by our side as well provoking, ‘prodding the bear’, which could cause some kind of shock outcome.

Whatever is happening, we are living in perilous times, and we need Jesus. I don’t want to scare you too much, but I’m just saying that these are some of the things which I see happening and which I think are truly taking place. I’ll tell you a bit more about it this evening if you want to come, or if you want to watch it online, but the answer, of course, is Jesus Christ, and He’s the only hope we have in our society .

So, let us just have a look at the Word of God. Let’s pray about that and then we’ll look at the Word.

Lord, we do bring these issues before you. You know what I’ve just said, you know what’s happening in our society, you know the perilous times we live in, and the dangers which are before this society.

Lord, help us to Look to You Lord, and to know that you have an answer.

Help us not to be afraid of what’s coming, but help us to take action in the Name of Jesus, and to spread the Word of God as the only hope that that we have in this society.

We pray in Jesus’s Name, amen. Amen.

Tony Pearce

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