Light for the Last Days

This Month in Prophecy – February 2022


One of the things God says about the end times is that it is going to be a time when the world will be shaken by a series of disasters.

He says evil or disaster will go forth from nation to nation.

Do you see that happening?

You see some good things going from nation to nation through the Gospel, but we see a whole lot more things which are bad coming from nation to nation: pornography, drugs, violence, war. And all sorts of things which are going from nation to nation causing God to be displeased with the nations.

God has a controversy with the nations. With our nation, with Russia, China, even Israel. God has some controversy with Israel.

But in the midst of these controversies, God wants to bring people out of their unbelief into faith in the Messiah and He says:

“You’re going to be shaken.”

Tony Pearce

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