Light for the Last Days

This month in prophecy talk for April 2019

Tony Pearce gave the talk ‘This month in prophecy’ talk’ on April 28th.   

‘Are we the last generation?’  This was one of the banners held up by demonstrators at the recent Climate Change demonstrations in London organised by Extinction Rebellion.  In his latest talk on ‘This month in prophecy’ given on April 28th, Tony Pearce gives an answer to the question of the last generation in the light of Bible prophecy. He examines the connection between projections of what might happen if humanity does not solve the climate crisis (drought, famine, fires, floods, storms and sea level rise, etc) and the prophecies in the Bible in Revelation and elsewhere.  

He also looked at Middle East issues including the Israel elections, Jewish settlements and the Palestinian state;  also the floods in Iran, the US sanctions on Iranian oil, Iranian military involvement in Syria and Lebanon and threats to attack Israel.   All prophesied in Ezekiel and Zechariah.

Finally we looked at Islamist attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka, Nigeria, as well as the burning of Notre Dame and the prophetic sign of the decline of Christendom and the rise of Islam in France and Europe.

All interesting stuff you need to check out.  

Tony Pearce