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The scientists and the journalists all agree our genetics are getting worse. So, in comes an evolutionary expert, Richard Buggs, who asks a question. Well, actually, he’s got two:

Is an Adam and Eve bottleneck inconsistent with human genetic diversity data?

In what time scale could Adam and Eve’s bottleneck be consistent with human genetic diversity data?

Interestingly, he mentions them together, Adam and Eve, even though they could have been separated in space (opposite side of the world perhaps) or in time, centuries or even millennia apart. From a Biblical perspective it makes a lot of sense to put them together, doesn’t it?
Now we go to
Mark Thomas from University College London, and he has an opinion about this: “We only have to go back a few thousand years before we reach somebody who is the ancestor of everybody alive today.”
Did you clock that? A few thousand years, not hundreds of thousands of years.
Now, he’s a professor of evolutionary genetics who says that. It’s great to quote him and I’m doing that now. But don’t build your world view on this man’s opinion because, he’s an evolutionist. Tomorrow, he could change his mind; most evolutionists do. Because the data that we keep finding and collecting makes them change their worldview.
And this brings me to my next point. Build your worldview on the Bible not on his opinion or some other evolutionist’s or even some creationist’s. We are people, we make mistakes. The Bible is God’s Word. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Tony Pearce

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