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The debate on illegal migration is rife here in the UK, but this phenomenon is affecting all developed democracies around the world. When looking at the causes that trigger and generate this influx of people into our country, it is difficult to get it right. Much information seems to be missing, and a lot of what we know is contested by the different sources of information available to us, especially those from an official origin.

I recommend you watch the following documentary by The Epoch Times in which the presenter and his team go to great lengths to identify the parties involved and the precise causes that have brought about an unprecedented influx of illegal migrants into the United States. I believe that similar pressure groups, international organisations, and interests may be at play in what Europe and the UK are also experiencing presently.

While watching it, I could not stop thinking about Gaza. So many things seemed identical, and though Central America is not at war, I could not help thinking: ‘If not war, what else can we call what is going on with illegal migrants there?’

Globally, it looks like this trend, apart from making some people rich or richer and destroying the local cultures and their futures, has as its main objective the generation of as much chaos as possible under the guise of UN-steered ‘human rights protections’ that will gradually force the entry of millions of economic migrants into ‘developed’ countries while simultaneously generating major societal disruption.

The purpose of it all seems clear: global entities (UN and NGOs) use the ‘human shield’ to push the globalist agenda. Then, as happens right now in Gaza, they force global opinion to support their endeavours until a global jurisdiction is instituted and what is a marginal phenomenon, by sheer force of oppression and global media diffusion, turns into something governments need to legislate for. This has already happened in the US, the UK, and the EU.

However, it does not stop there. The governments of these developed countries are also complicit and self-interested parties in this trend. Apart from the trafficking profits they or associated parties derive from the trade in human beings, modern democracies seem to me to be encouraging a new, huge wave of human workers that will eventually become citizens and will be employed in low-paid jobs (cheap labour) but who, in the meantime, will nicely support the existing large-scale ‘black economies’ in these countries without necessarily costing them too much. This is done in part to offset the patent demographic decline we have been experiencing for decades.

In the UK’s case and as an example in point, we are told taxpayers are footing a daily £6M bill which multiplied by 365 days in a year equals a total of £B2.19 spent on hotels for illegal migrants. This is not a huge amount of money when compared to the country’s overall debt (£2,223.0 billion – March 2021), especially when it is the taxpayers who bear the brunt and when the benefits in terms of ‘keeping the economy going’ are substantial enough.

These illegal migrants will do all the work citizens do not want to do for next to nothing in comparative terms.

Underneath it all, painfully, human suffering is accepted and used for profit and political ends.

Make a comment to the post. Let us know how you see the situation.

God bless,

Tony Pearce


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