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There was an interesting situation this week. Last Sunday (I think it was sometime last weekend), Boris Johnson, the prime minister, announced that he was expected to repeal the powers in England that are no longer necessary concerning the Coronavirus Act, as part of the government’s plan for managing Covid over the autumn and the winter.

Coronavirus Act 2020

In effect, what he was saying is: ‘there’s not going to be any more closing down of sectors of the economy, no more destruction of education, no more restrictions to events and gatherings, basically saying no more lockdowns.’

Sounding good!

UK News | Sky News

At the same time, Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, spoke on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday last saying, “what I can say is that we looked at it properly and I’m pleased to say we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports.”

Hallelujah! Great!

Then, on Tuesday, it was all changed, and we’ve had The Mail (newspaper) headline today saying “Surprise! It’s back to Panic Stations!”

Boris Johnson last night paved the way for fresh COVID rules this winter after scientists warned that the virus could overwhelm the NHS again, saying ‘compulsory masks, vaccine passports, working from home could all be imposed if the jab program fails to work.’

Mr Johnson claimed smaller changes in the new plan B would mean we don’t necessarily go back to the lockdowns of the past, but he refused to rule one out saying, ‘he would do whatever was necessary to prevent the overwhelming of the NHS.’

Science and politics in the era of COVID-19 – The Lancet

Government scientists have urged him to move further and faster even though Coronavirus cases are falling. A document from the SAGE Expert Committee claims hospitalizations could soar to 7,000 a day next month, seven times the figure now, and far more than last winter’s peak.

List of participants of SAGE and related sub-groups –

Speaking alongside the PM in Downing Street, the Chief Scientist, Sir Patrick Valance, said: “when you make a move, you have to go earlier than you want to, and harder than you want. So, it’s important that measures are early enough and significant enough to save the health service.”

Sir Patrick Vallance –

If you read what they’re saying, they’re actually telling us: ‘Forget it, Boris! About freezing up, we’ve got to close in again.’

And I just felt, you know: who’s running the shots here? Is it the government or, as soon as he gets out of line, do so many scientists say go back to the program to just close things down?

They’re all warning us about this great winter crisis which is coming which will add numbers to Covid and that the NHS will be overwhelmed.

GP fears double whammy of Covid and flu could push NHS to brink –

And that they will have to shut down society again and would have to be not just double-vaxxed but triple-waxxed, and that children must be vaxxed as well, right down to below 12 even.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines – NHS –

And we’re going to have to have certificates even though they deny it saying that new variants are going to get around the vaccine and that the people who are responsible for the trouble are those pesky people who haven’t been vaccinated.

And all the blame is going to be put on them and they’re going to have tremendous pressure upon them to toe the line: ‘get vaccinated, do what everyone else does or be shut out of society’.

No, it’s not a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’. It still threatens us all | Kate Hennessy | The Guardian

You can see that this is the agenda which they’re talking about. That’s what they want.

Now, it’s happened that Sir Ian Duncan Smith said that another lockdown will bring down our society and I think he’s probably right.

But it’s not just here, it’s also in America.

I’ve seen the article today in the paper about the United States. Dr Fauci says: “We need not just two doses but them to be followed by the third shot.” He said, “I’m favourably disposed to the boost based on the waning immunity as we’re seeing very, very clearly in the data of the US, and the even more dramatic data from our Israeli colleagues. There’s some indication of waning immunity from the US and the UK which is the reason the UK will soon be vaccinating people 50 years of age and older as well as healthcare providers and those who are immuno-compromised. It wasn’t clearly whether children would need a third shot. It’s too early to make a determination.” He said that “the vaccine should go to 12- to 15-year-olds” and he added that “the vaccination of children between six months and five years would likely happen sometime after that.”

The Takeout – CBS News

So, America should turn down to vaccinating babies down to six months. He said also he’s “disappointed but not surprised by the huge number of Americans who’ve remained unvaccinated, about 72 million eligible for vaccination who have not been vaccinated. That’s unfortunate because that is the perfect setup for developing mutants that are going to lead to variants that could be problematic again.”

What Percentage of the US is Vaccinated? | COVID-19 Statistics | USAFacts

So, all the people who are not vaccinated are causing the problem now.

Some of the information I’ve had is saying that it’s the other way around. It’s the excessive vaccination that’s causing the mutants which is causing the spread of the virus.

But there we are, that’s how it is I think we have double-minded men who are unstable in all their ways who are running the show and have been told what to do and we have unfortunately to see them being blown by the wind of forces beyond them who ultimately come from a globalized process which wants to have everybody vaxxed and everybody on a database and then, everybody under their control. They’re actually seeing also that the vaccines are not working and they’re also worried that people are going to get wind of this and start criticizing the program and trying to change it.


There was a private member’s Bill put in Parliament (I don’t if you heard about this), I didn’t hear about it in the news, somebody sent me an email about it a man called Sir Christopher Chope from Chichester put a Covid Vaccine Damage Bill to Parliament which had its first reading on the September the 8th. He listed the harms due to the virus: 435 major blood clots, 74 deaths, inflammation of the heart, 35 000 menstrual disorders, 106 1632 deaths after vaccination.

UK Parliament

He said there was more damage to citizens as a result of vaccination than any other vaccine in history. People previously in good health had strokes, severe heart problems, large number of inpatients in hospitals only there because they took the vaccines. So, he’s actually brought this to Parliament and he’s going to bring a second reading on the 22nd of October. You might like to email him and encourage him and encourage your MP to support him in this because I believe that he’s on the right track.

Yellow Card reporting –

There are things which they’re doing to us which they shouldn’t be doing, and which need to be challenged. There’s a lot more challenges happening. The American Frontline Doctors are preparing a lawsuit against the CDC that’s the Centre for Disease Control in America, pointing out how again figures, much bigger figures for deaths and injuries up to nearly two million disabilities, hospitalizations, life-threatening events have been found following COVID 19 vaccinations.

Also, there’s a man in Germany called Dr Reiner Fuellmich, a top lawyer operating in Germany and in America who has put something together called the New Nuremberg Trials 2021. He has a team of over one thousand lawyers, over ten thousand medical experts he leads who have begun legal proceedings against the US CDC, the World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

The New Nuremberg Trials 2021: Update From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – David Icke

Fuellmich and his team presently present the faulty PCR tests and the orders for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a COVID death as fraud. He gave evidence that invalidates over 90 percent of the alleged COVID cases and infections tracked by the use of this faulty test. He also spoke of death certificates wrongly attributing COVID reason for death exaggerating the figures.

Annals of Internal Medicine –

He said that “the experimental vaccine itself is a violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention”


and “all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes”


which means it’s in violation of International Law.

Therefore, The “vaccine” fails to meet the following five requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:

5 requirements for a vaccine:

1.       Provides immunity to the virus

2.       Protects recipients from getting the virus

3.       Reduces deaths from the virus infection

4.       Reduces circulation of the virus

5.       Reduces transmission of the virus

He says it’s failing on all five of these counts.

Double vaccinated people now represent 60% of patients in ICU. They can still catch and spread the virus, be infected and die. He says also that “the COVID vaccinations and measures were never just about health.”

COVID-19: Vallance corrects mistake | UK News | Sky News

So, we don’t have a pandemic, we have a virus circulating. Any intact human immune system can fight it whether or not it was created in the lab in Wuhan or not.

There are good methods for treating it which are available, which are not being used because they want to push the vaccine.

Coronavirus cure: What progress are we making on treatments? – BBC News

They want to get everybody on the vaccine and on the vaccine passport. He said that the government as well as the US are not acting in the interest of the population, they’re under the control of globalist NGOs who he calls Mr Global, who are pulling the strings and were stopping the judiciary and the media from asking questions about this process.

So, you’ve got a number of things going on which are challenging the mainstream movement, challenging it from a legal point of view, from a medical point of view and the people who are doing this are not just crazy quacks, they’re people who really know their stuff and who are well informed, and who are making a significant challenge to what’s taking place.

Should they be doing this? Now, the government’s telling you that the vaccine’s the answer, that all you’ve got to do is do what you’re told and it’ll come out well.

Interesting. I’m not going to say too much about Israel tonight, I will next time. Israel is a country in the forefront of the vaccine situation, it has vaccinated, I think, about 80 percent of its population or more and growing.

Our World in Data

It has started now treble vaccinating and the government is actually talking about having a fourth vaccination. If this doesn’t work, why is it treble vaccinating its people? Because the numbers are going up all the time and they’re saying that they have to treble vaccinate and then do the fourth vaccination.

Interesting that in the Palestinian Authority area, where they refused Israel’s vaccines and only about 10% of their population is vaccinated, the figures for infection are going down. Work that one out!

Now, I don’t usually commend the Palestinian Authority over Israel, but it just seems that, in this situation, they’re actually doing better than Israel who is now in this treble and fourth vaccination programme.

Our World in Data

From the point of view of many medical authorities, it is extremely dangerous. I spoke about this last time. I mentioned a man called Dr Vanden Bossche who’s an expert in the field. He says that each vaccination actually weakens your natural immune system and contributes to the spreading of the variance of the other of the vaccine.

So, when you go to two, three, four jabs, you’ve probably compromised your immune system in a very big way. Which means that if you catch a cold, your immune system won’t work against that as well as it should do and that you’re going to be more susceptible to diseases which will come along and also to variants.

I think I said last time that what they really want is the vaccine passport. And they want to also bring in some kind of ID system to back this up. I remember our friend Bill Gates who said that “normalcy only returns we’ve vaccinated the whole world population”.

Bill Gates on vaccine equity, boosters, climate, his foundation and Epstein meetings | PBS NewsHour

In other words, you want a global vaccination program. Having done that, you bring in some kind of control system in which you can check out whether people are vaccinated and then, when they’re vaccinated, they can enter into society. If they’re not, they’re cut out.

It’s already happening.

Fortunately, in this country, we haven’t gone too far down that road.

There are certainly people who would like us to go down that road and I think Boris Johnson has a bit of a libertarian streak in him and he doesn’t want to go that way. But he’s going to be pushed by people outside.

Certainly, in Europe, they’re going much further down than we are. Italy has now made coronavirus vaccine passports compulsory for all state and private employees, with unvaccinated people to be suspended without pay until they obtain one.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation entered into application on 01 July 2021. EU citizens and residents will now be able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.

Learn how to get the certificate from your national health authority by selecting your country on the interactive map below.

EU Digital COVID Certificate | European Commission (

Okay, so if you work in any kind of government department or even a private place in Italy, if you don’t have a vaccine passport, you’re going to lose your job.

Italy mandates vaccine passports for all workers – Global Government Forum

Think about that! I saw pictures in Paris of the police chasing a woman through the shopping centre because she went in without a valid ID and a vaccine passport.

In Australia they’ve been using a smartphone app that will use facial recognition and geo-location to help authorities monitor compliance with the state’s mandatory isolation requirements. They’ll check where you are and what you’re doing.

COVIDSafe App –

Have you got the state looking at where you are and where you’re going with a tracking system? Does that sort of fill you with joy and hope or does it fill you with the possibility that we’re moving towards a police state and control over where you go, what you do, who you meet and what you say?

Ultimately, are they going to control whether people can buy or sell without authorization, and to stop freedom of assembly, freedom of movement which will affect churches as well?

Already, we’re hearing about situations in Europe where you need a vaccine pass to go to church. So, if you haven’t been vaccinated, you wouldn’t be able to come to church if we were living in certain countries in Europe.

Christian Leaders — Vaccine Passport Letter –

There is resistance in all these countries, there’s resistance here and they don’t want resistance, they want to crack down on it and make us fear.

Particularly, they’re creating this fear of what could come in the winter.

Coronavirus and Climate Change – C-CHANGE | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Basically, they would like another spread of the virus. They don’t actually want it to go down I think, they want it to go up. Then, they can bring in more restrictions. They want to keep any dissenters out of the situation.

Tony Pearce