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Cambridge University has produced a website ‘Report and Support’ endorsed by its Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope.  It invites you to denounce anyone in the university who is considered guilty of ‘racism, discrimination and micro-aggressions.’  The statement goes on to define racism in terms familiar to Critical Race Theory:

‘A system of oppression woven into the fabric of societies, institutions, processes, procedures, people’s values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.  It is a system of advantage that sets whiteness as the norm, manifesting in societies’ valuing and promoting (implicitly or explicitly) being white.  It is a system where people from racially minoritized backgrounds are more likely than white people to face multiple obstacles in life.’

Professor Stephen Toope – Vice-Chancellor – University of Cambridge

Anyone displaying any sign of ‘unacceptable’ behaviour to this new norm must be reported to the authorities, disciplined and if necessary dismissed from their work place.  Reporting can be done anonymously so it is an open door for denunciation of wrong thinkers to the ‘Party line’.  This has been a feature of Communism under Stalin, Mao and now in Xi Xing Ping’s China, not something I associated with my old university.

Letter to Professor Stephen Toope regarding Cambridge’s ‘Report and Support’ website – The Free Speech Union

It is not just Cambridge where this happens.  Across the western world universities and ‘woke’ media outlets are pushing ‘Critical Race Theory’ and the idea of systemic racism to propose that racism is a wholly white based phenomenon that only white people are guilty of.  Western culture has come out of Europe and North America, largely shaped by white people of European descent until recent times. 

Critical Race Theory – University of Birmingham

Because of this it is said to be full of ‘unconscious bias’ and ‘systemic racism’ and must be dismantled and reconstructed.  Art, literature, history must be examined and if necessary rejected if it fails to measure up to the demands of Critical Race Theory. 

What is Critical Race Theory? • Critical Race Training in Education

Apparently Shakespeare has been deemed racist ‘with problematic gendered and racialised dynamics’.  One example is certain verses in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which cast ‘fair’ as beautiful and ‘dark’ as unattractive. 

Critical Race Conversations | Folger Shakespeare Library

Wordsworth is suspect because he had a brother who once sailed to China on a trading ship.  Lord Nelson, Churchill and other heroes of British history are beyond the pale because of links either to slavery or the British Empire. 

An article in the US Epoch Times states: ‘Critical race theory, which is rooted in Marxism, has been heavily promulgated throughout academia, entertainment, government, schools, and the workplace in recent years, coming to new prominence following the rise of far-left groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.


Some employers have included concepts from the doctrine—which claims that the United States is a fundamentally racist country – in their “racial and cultural sensitivity” training.  Like Marxism, it advocates for the destruction of institutions, such as the Western justice system, free-market economy, and orthodox religions, while demanding that they be replaced with institutions compliant with the theory’s ideology.’

New Discourses

Alan Dershowitz, the legal scholar and author accused Democrats and Big Tech companies of engaging in censorship. 

“We’re in a very, very dangerous situation now where the left, which has enormous influence on American universities, has enormous influence on social media, has enormous influence on certain kinds of politics in the media, are trying to suppress free speech, and they’re succeeding, and we have to fight back.”

Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz | Biography, Cases, Books, & Facts | Britannica

As a Christian I am committed to racial fairness and justice, but in my opinion this kind of activity does nothing to help society move in this direction. Groups like Black Lives Matter claim to be fighting for racial justice, but their actions have resulted in worsening race relations, including anti-white and anti-Semitic racist statements, and a climate of fear leading to a new form of dictatorship. Their demand to ‘defund the police’, opposing the enforcement of law and order following the death of George Floyd, has led to an increase in violence, murder and drug pushing in large US cities in which poor black communities have been the chief victims. 

Collateral Consequences | The Sentencing Project

Tony Pearce