Light for the Last Days

Signs of the Times – October 2017

One disaster after another.  

Our planet is becoming increasingly unstable as one disaster after another happens.  Three major hurricanes have brought floods and devastation.  Hurricane Harvey dumped a record 52 inches of rain on Texas causing massive flooding that left much of Houston submerged in water.  Hurricane Irma raged through the Caribbean leaving islands in ruins, smashing the north coast of Cuba before leaving a trail of damage across Florida.  Billions of dollars of damage have been done and some parts of the region have seen looting and lawlessness take hold after the storm passed through.

Devastating floods hit India, Bangladesh and Nepal, killing at least 1,200 people.  Millions have been left homeless and food producing regions damaged or even completely washed away.  In Africa Sierra Leone and Niger experienced massive floods, mudslides and deaths.

Severe drought in southern Europe brought fires to Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece.  Fires have also affected the west coast of USA and Canada from California up to British Columbia.  Montana has been particularly badly hit with dozens of fires affecting around a million acres after a severe and unprecedented drought.  Siberia has also been hit with large scale fires around Lake Baikal impacting air quality in the region and damaging agriculture.  Even the tundra of western Greenland has been burning exacerbated to some degree by the high winds present in the area.  Climatologists say that fires in Arctic regions contain vast reserves of carbon stored in trees and soil and when they burn, they send that carbon into the atmosphere. That creates a dangerous cycle of more severe wildfires and ever rising temperatures.

Mexico has been hit with a 8.1 magnitude quake that left around 100 people dead, the most powerful anywhere in the world since September 2015.  The Yellowstone volcano has recorded an earthquake swarm of over 2,300 tremors since June.  If this were to trigger an eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano it would devastate much of North America.

5 trillion pieces of plastic weighing 8 million tons are ending up in the oceans every year.  Experts have found that the entire food chain of sea creatures – from zooplankton through to crustaceans or copepods, mussels, crabs, lobster and fish – have effectively become contaminated by microplastics. The UN Environment Programme reports that plastic debris causes the deaths of more than a million seabirds every year, as well as more than 100,000 marine mammals.  One report claims it will cause the extinction of life in the oceans by 2048.

Truly ‘the earth lies polluted under its inhabitants’ (Isaiah 24) and ‘the whole creation groans and labours with birth pangs’ (Romans 8.22).  Revelation 8 describes catastrophes hitting the earth in which a third of the trees are burned down and a third of the fish in the sea die.  Jesus warned that in the days before His second coming:

‘There will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;  men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken’. Luke 21.25-28.

Jews should leave Europe, says Barcelona’s chief rabbi.

Barcelona’s chief rabbi has urged Jews to move to Israel because ‘Europe is lost’ to radical Islam.  Meir Bar-Hen has been encouraging his congregation to flee Spain, which he called a ‘hub of Islamist terror for all of Europe.’  The chief rabbi’s warning came after a terror attack in Barcelona left 13 people dead and over 120 wounded and was followed by another attack hours later that killed one person and injured others in the seaside town of Cambrils.

To add to this gloomy assessment of the Jewish position in Europe, a report authored by a Norwegian scholar Johannes Due Enstad says that more than 70 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitic violence again is a surging problem in Europe.  But today, the culprits are not primarily Nazis. Rather, the bulk of this type of violence appears to come from Muslims and left-wing extremists who are anti-Zionist and seek the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel.  As Islamic influence increases in Europe this is not going to change or be lessened over time, because the Quran and other Islamic writings contain exhortations to wage war against unbelievers.  In radical Islamic teaching Jews are presented as the Muslims’ foremost enemies, along with Bible believing Christians.

The Bible speaks of the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble’ in the last days, a time of worldwide hatred of Israel and Jewish people (Jeremiah 30).  True believers in Jesus should stand by Israel and the Jewish people in these days and show them God’s love revealed in Jesus the Messiah.

Juncker’s plan for the future of Europe.

Criticising Britain for wanting to leave the EU, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker alluded to a mysterious ‘sixth scenario’ he had in mind for the future of Europe.  This was an allusion to a previous EU white paper launched in March which discussed five possible options for the EU after Britain formally withdraws in 2019.   These ranged from the EU being little more than a single market trade area to full-blown federalism.

On 13th September he gave an indication of what his ‘sixth scenario’ meant in a speech the European Parliament, which was branded as a blueprint for a United States of Europe. He called for a bigger more powerful bloc under a new directly elected EU president.  He said, ‘The European landscape would be clearer and more understandable if the European ship was steered by a single captain.’

He wants to see all the Balkan nations join the bloc and the Schengen zone extended to include Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia, which would effectively create a single European State from the Black Sea to the Atlantic.  Despite the migration crisis creating havoc across the continent, he said it was a ‘necessity’ to open up more routes for people wanting to move to Europe.  He demanded that every country adopt the euro and submit to EU banking supervision under the control of a eurozone appointed finance minister.  He said by 2025 ‘we need a fully fledged European Defence Union’ (in other words a Euro army).

Mr Juncker’s proposal looks like a fully fledged European State imposed by an unelected elite on the people, crushing all opposition to its onwards march.  Interestingly the Daily Telegraph carried a cartoon the following day with Mr Juncker saying ‘I have a vision for the EU.’  He was pictured as a Roman Emperor flanked by Roman Empire soldiers holding up the EU flag.

So will Mr Juncker’s ‘sixth scenario’ bring in the Revived Roman Empire of biblical prophecy and the 666 economic and political system (Daniel 7, Revelation 13 and 17)?

North Korea threatens an attack on the USA.

After North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, U.S. Secretary of Defence James Mattis warned that the United States is more than capable of ‘the total annihilation of a country’.   Unfortunately, the North Koreans may have already got to the point where they are capable of causing some degree of annihilation themselves, claiming to have missiles capable of reaching the US mainland which can be fitted with an H bomb.  The country has threatened to bomb South Korea and Japan and warned it would ‘reduce the US mainland to ashes and darkness’.

Americans are particularly concerned that North Korea has said it has tested an H-bomb that was ‘a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack according to strategic goals.’  An EMP attack would take down the country’s electric grid and shut off power for months even if it could be repaired.  In this event no electric powered machines or computers would work, transportation, communication and food supplies would come to a halt, leading to the breakdown of society.

In the USA ‘preppers’ are storing up food, water purifiers, generators and guns to protect themselves in the event of such a calamity happening.  ‘Preppers’ believe we should prepare for the coming time of trouble by buying in supplies and the means of survival in the conditions of social breakdown.  They see gun ownership is a vital part of this preparation and are trained to use their guns to shoot down looters who may try to take the provisions they have laid up for the coming time of trouble.

Putin says Artificial Intelligence Systems will rule the world.

Vladimir Putin addressed a group of students in Yaroslavl, Russia, telling them that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) presents ‘colossal opportunities and threats that are difficult to predict now’ and ‘the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world.’  He implied that developments in AI will enable the nation that leads the way in this area to disable the missile systems of its enemies and thus bring an end to ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ (MAD) which has prevented war between the superpowers since World War 2.

Commenting on Putin’s claim that the nation that leads this technological revolution will rule the world, author Britt Gillette wrote:

‘It’s inevitable the leading nation in AI will use its advantage to set up a global empire.  That’s why Putin said, ‘the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world.’  Regardless of who wins, the leading nation will draw the same conclusion – global government is the only available course of action.

Those who study Bible prophecy have long known what the Bible predicts for the end times. The Bible says a global empire will exist (Revelation 13:7) which will crush and devour the whole world (Daniel 7:23). And when it does, it will control almost every aspect of human life – to the point of determining ‘who can buy and who can sell’ (Revelation 13:17).

According to Vladimir Putin, the leader in artificial intelligence will set up this global empire.  So there is a race to set up these new technologies, which include molecular manufacturing, quantum computers, and other technologies most people are unaware of.  The end result will be a global empire (Revelation 13:7) and a worldwide police state with unprecedented power (Revelation 13:17). It’s just one more sign of the times. Jesus is coming!’


All of these things happening in our world are signs of the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now is the day of salvation, now is the day to call on the name of the Lord and ask Him to forgive us our sins and come into our lives by faith.

‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but having everlasting life.’ John 3.16.

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