Light for the Last Days

Signs of the Times – August 2021

Virus, vaccines and the end of freedom.

After being postponed from June 15th because of the spread of the Delta variant, Britain finally had its ‘Freedom Day’ from Covid regulations on July 19th.  This was a muted affair, as Boris Johnson urged caution when he spoke to the nation from isolation, after being in contact with Sajid Javid who had the virus.  

There was resistance to the removal of Covid restrictions from the Sage committee that advises the government and from the mainstream media, with talk of a re-imposition of the lockdown in the autumn.  Many people were interviewed on BBC and mainstream media saying they want the restrictions to stay.   In the weeks after the raising of restrictions we had what was referred to as a ‘pingdemic’ as thousands of people were forced to isolate after being ‘pinged’ by the NHS app after contact with someone who has Covid.  Lockdown by another name, instead of freedom?  

The UK government wants every individual to carry a mobile phone installed with NHS covid-19 software that tracks and records their movements and locations in real time. When any person is found to be “covid positive” via a PCR test (that grossly amplifies false positives), the entire history of that person’s movements is analysed to determine what other people may have been near that person at any time. All those who ever came close to that “positive” person are then pinged on their phone app and ordered to self-quarantine, removing them from the labour pool.  

Boris Johnson has said progress towards lifting the lockdown was irreversible, but then warned that this could be put into reverse by new variants spreading.  He said there is ‘the possibility that there is some new variant that is far more dangerous, that kills people in a way that we currently cannot foresee or understand.’  

Are the vaccines the answer?

As far as the government and most people are concerned, the vaccines are the answer and those who do not agree with this are a danger to society.  The medical establishment has told us that the vaccines are safe. 

However new research shows that Lipid NanoParticles (LPNs) used in MRNA vaccines like Pfizer are widely circulated around the body after vaccination reaching the brain, spleen, large intestine, heart, liver, lungs, ovaries and testes. They remain in the body long after vaccination, in fact some have said they will never leave.  

Dr Bryam Brindle says the spike protein in the vaccine is ‘a pathogenic protein.  It is a toxin.  It can cause damage to our body if it gets into our circulation.  …  The spike protein can bind to our receptors that are on our platelets and the cells that line our blood vessels.’  This renders those vaccinated vulnerable to blood clots and risks damage to the cardio vascular system.  

This also has the potential to alter the body’s immune system, rendering it less able to deal with future viruses.  With new variants arising, we are being told we will need booster jabs to keep the virus at bay.  They are even saying now that the vaccines lose their effectiveness after six months, so continued repeat vaccinations will be required.  If it is true that there are potential harmful effects from the vaccines, this will increase as people are jabbed over and over again.  

Do we need vaccine passports?

There are also calls for some kind of vaccine passport system to be put in place to open up society and weed out vaccine refusers. The Independent newspaper said that those who refuse the vaccine should have ‘no job, no access to NHS care, no state education for your kids, no access to pubs, restaurants, theatres, stadiums, no access to the UK and much else.’   The way to keep the unvaccinated out is to issue some kind of pass which will enable those vaccinated to enter.

Across the Channel, President Macron announced that a health pass will be needed to access any of France’s leisure and cultural venues serving more than 50 people. From the beginning of August, it will be required on any long-distance public transport, in shopping centres or at cafés and restaurants.  The pass must either include the QR code that proves someone has been fully vaccinated or results from a negative PCR test taken in the previous 48 hours.  They plan to make people pay high costs for the PCR tests in order to force them to take the vaccine.   French businesses that do not check people for vaccine passports could face fines of up to €45,000 and a year in prison.  Macron said: “Our choice is simple: to put the restrictions on the unvaccinated rather than on all. This is the meaning of the health pass that will be extended.”  Given France’s leading position in the EU, this is seen by many as a first move in making this the general rule for the entire bloc.  Already similar moves are coming in Greece and Italy. 

Israel has brought in new restrictions for public places and businesses and places of worship.  These must mandate masks and show proof of immunity. Any person entering a site without this could be fined 1,000 shekels ($303) with the venues facing much higher penalties.  Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced in a statement on Thursday that “as of 8 August, those who refuse vaccines will not be able to go to the cinema, the theatre, the synagogue, the amusement park, the soccer game or any activity with over 100 people, indoors or out, unless they bring negative results from a coronavirus test, at their expense.”

China has made jabs mandatory in some sectors, with warnings to parents in some areas that their children may not be allowed back to school unless the whole family is vaccinated.

All this is being presented as necessary for our survival, in order to save us from the deadly virus.  The opposition to the process is questioning it as the largest medical experiment in history of mankind.  Those who resist are seen as conspiracy theorists and ‘enemies of the people’ responsible for prolonging the agony of lockdown and restrictions. 

Yet there is a growing resistance to these measures, with mass demonstrations in London, Paris and other cities as people protest against measures which they see as a moving society towards a ‘Big Brother’ type control system.  Many people are not convinced that the vaccine is the solution.  Statistics are showing that the vaccinated are still as likely to catch Covid as the unvaccinated.  People who are double vaccinated are also able to pass it on.  60% of infections in Israel are double vaccinated. Gibraltar has 100% double vax rate and the third highest infection rate per head of population in the world.

We do not want to end up with some kind of system like they have in China, where people are given apps for their mobile phones which allow or prevent entry into shops and transport hubs.  There are legitimate fears that vaccine passports may be the first phase in a programme to bring the population comes under the control of a central authority.  

Vaccines and the Great Reset.

This lines up with the ‘Great Reset’ which has been proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF).   Klaus Schwab is the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum in Davos which annually brings together the heads of state of the world’s major countries to discuss world affairs.  He is also the major force behind the ‘Great Reset’.

In June 2020 while most of the world was pre-occupied with the effects of the global pandemic the WEF hosted and announced their ‘Great Reset’ initiative, with support from leaders of industrialised nations and the UN and IMF.  This will involve a mixture of capitalism and socialism to reshape society.  In his book ‘Fourth International Revolution’ Klaus Schwab writes that this will be ‘a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another.  In its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.’  

Schwab has activated his network of 10,000 ‘Global Shapers’ in 428 cities (known as global hubs) across 148 countries for the purpose of implementing this planned remedy.  The crisis caused by coronavirus and the fear of ‘catastrophic global warming’ are to be used as the catalyst for change as the world adopts the WEF slogan ‘Build Back Better.’  If you pay attention, you will find world leaders keep using this phrase to show they are onside with this process.  Boris Johnson said it in his speech at the G7 Conference as has Joe Biden for the USA and Ursula von der Leyen for the EU.

Five years ago Schwab gave an interview in which he promised that an implantable “global health pass” microchip would be unveiled within the next 10 years to track and control all of humanity. As part of his globalist “great reset” agenda, Schwab explained that eventually it will be a requirement for humans to be microchipped in order to buy and sell, just like Revelation 13:16 prophesies.  Answering an interview question about when this will be, Schwab responded, “Certainly in the next 10 years.  And at first we will implant them in our clothes. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin.”   You can watch him saying this at 

If he is correct in this, we are heading for a global social control matrix using advanced technology to monitor the population and ensure they comply with government demands.  Failure to do so will result in being shut out of society.  If something goes wrong with this, we could also be heading for a health catastrophe in which millions will die.

1984 will arrive a bit later than the date for George Orwell’s novel of the future, but the 666 system of Revelation 13 will come bang on time for the events of the last days prophecies of the Bible to be fulfilled.

Natural disasters in various places.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the flooding that devastated parts of western Germany and Belgium as “terrifying” after the death toll across the region rose to 188. Large swaths of Western Europe have been left decimated following torrential rains that flooded towns and cities across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands over the past several days.  Sizeable stretches of rail lines are now completely unusable or destroyed, thanks to the flooding, which experts say could take months or even years to fully repair.  What this means is that yet another critical transportation network is out of commission indefinitely, adding even more strain to an already hobbling global supply chain.

Mysteriously, a slow-moving, low-pressure weather system reportedly sat over the region from July 15, unleashing two months’ worth of rain in just two short days. More than 10 inches of rain fell continuously in some areas, bombarding some areas with fast-moving water that channeled down steep hills straight into town and cities.

The storm moved south and battered parts of Bavaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria.  Parts of Arizona have been hit with devastating flooding, with the city of Flagstaff declaring a state of emergency after being inundated with torrents of water that turned streets into murky, fast-running streams.  Meanwhile, torrential rains have devastated parts of Arizona, forced thousands of people on New Zealand’s west coast to flee to safety, swamped Mumbai in India, broken through two dams in China’s Inner Mongolia region.  Parts of China suffered their heaviest rain in 1000 years, widespread destruction in some areas, including major damage to dams.  Pictures of people trapped in underground trains and large areas under water.

The US has suffered dangerous wildfires, after a deadly heatwave in north west USA and Canada killed more than 30 people.  This had a terrible impact on marine life, causing an estimated 1 billion sea creatures on the coast of Vancouver to die of the heat.  Drought has affected much of the west coast region, wiping out agriculture in major food producing areas of California.  Iran has faced its worst drought in 50 years, with severe water shortages in the southwest causing street protests. In Russia’s Siberia, there have been nearly 200 separate forest fires, amid the driest summer in 150 years and the hottest June on record.

Is it the result of global warming? Angela Merkel’s response to the German floods was to say that governments would have to go faster in their efforts to tackle climate change.  John Kerry, US special envoy for the Climate, said  “The climate crisis is the test of our own times, as acute and as existential as any previous one. Time is running out,” he said.  He called the Cop26 climate conference scheduled to take place in Glasgow this November “a pivotal moment” and 2021 “a decisive year”, as the world must get to grips with the climate crisis and rapidly slash emissions in the 2020s to have a chance of a safe future.

On the other hand there is extreme cold weather hitting different parts of the earth.  While the north west USA and Canada had very hot weather, but the Midwest and south, including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas had abnormally cold weather.  In Africa the Kenyan government has warned of an ‘acute maize shortage’ in the coming year, due to reduced rainfall and unusually cold temperatures. Winds whipping up from Antarctica have brought snow and abnormally cold weather to Namibia, South Africa, southern Australia and New Zealand in their winter months. South American farmers are bracing for another round of harvest wrecking polar cold.  Record cold has hit Brazil as heavy frosts have ravaged sugar cane, coffee and corn crops.  According to a report released by the National Snow and Ice Data in June 2021, ice locked at the Earth’s poles is actually growing.  The opening paragraph of the report reads: “Sea ice in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica was well above the 1981 to 2010 average extent in June.”.

The mainstream narrative is that all this is caused by man made global warming and that the only solution is to cut out the use of fossil fuels.  However there are climate sceptics who point to other causes of the problem.  Burning carbon may have some effect, but much smaller than is being claimed.  One report put it at 0.01 degree rise.  The main drivers of the weather are the sun, wind direction and ocean currents.  Changes in all of these are taking place and affecting our weather now.  Humans are powerless to affect any of these changes.  One such change which NASA has noted is the absence of sunspots leading to what may be a ‘solar minimum’ in the next decade.  This is likely to cause colder winters and affect the direction of the jet stream.  Instead of flowing in a generally straight line from west to east, the solar minimum causes the jet stream to flow in a wavy direction, bringing up very hot weather from the tropics and very cold weather from the poles.  This causes unusually hot weather in some parts and unusually cold weather in others.  

Another potential change which NASA has noted is a ‘wobble’ in the moon’s orbit.  A moon “wobble” will contribute to an increase in severe flooding in the mid-2030s, NASA has warned, bringing flooding to coastal regions (‘the sea and the waves roaring’ – Luke 21.25). The sun could cause a potentially apocalyptic event through a solar flare or coronal mass ejection, which nearly happened in 2012.  This would knock out most of earth’s communication system and cause the kind of scenario described in Revelation 8.7:  ‘The first angel sounded: And hail and fire followed, mingled with blood, and they were thrown to the earth. And a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up.’  News just in of a very large comet entering solar system – will come by earth in the next few years.  Hopefully not hit earth.  Governments now are looking at the possibility of an asteroid strike, again something which lines up with the prophecy of Revelation 8: ‘And something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood. And a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.’

Jesus spoke of the coming time of the great tribulation when ‘there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.’ Luke 21.25-26.  We are beginning to see the forerunners of these events taking place as the earth is shaken by disasters.  Jesus said when you see these things begin to take place, ‘Look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws near.’ Luke 21.28.  The only answer will be the intervention of our Creator, as the Lord Jesus returns to put right the great trouble on earth and cause the earth to be ‘full of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.’

Cyber strike threat to world economy.

Just months before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world in October 2019, the World Economic Forum, together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held Event 201, a global pandemic exercise which portrayed a coronavirus outbreak spread by animal carriers to humans killing millions of people while forcing the shutdown of multiple first-world economies.  Two months later the scenario they simulated began in real life and continues to plague humanity.

At the beginning of July the World Economic Forum held another war game, entitled “Cyber Polygon,” designed to simulate a massive cyberattack that disrupts the supply chain of multiple large economies.  Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, was very quick to exploit the COVID-19 outbreak as a rationale for the “Great Reset” agenda: a socialist reconstruction of the world’s financial system and political structure that globalists have been clamouring for since at least 2014. Truly, the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic were the same people that simulated the outbreak only months beforehand during Event 201.

So, of course many people are beginning to wonder if lightning will strike twice for the globalists at the WEF. Will there be a large scale cyberattack that brings down the international supply chain within the next few months? Will there be another miraculous coincidence that destabilizes the world’s trade systems and creates social strife?

Cyber-terrorism is already disrupting the economy.  There have already been a few disturbing near-crisis cyberattacks in the past month.  The Colonial Pipeline attack as well as the JBS meat packing attack both had the potential to cause severe supply chain disruptions. The pipeline attack in particular could have created a panic environment had it continued for any longer than a week. Imagine if there was no gasoline to fuel the freight trucks that transport the majority of goods and raw materials across the US for half a month or more? It would be a nightmare, as a majority of Americans have no preparedness supplies and are stocked with no more than a week’s worth of necessities.

Recently when Klaus Schwab commented on the coming Cyber Polygon simulation, he stated that the next cyberattack would be like a “cyber pandemic” far worse in destructive scale when compared to covid. I realised that the next crisis may not need to involve resource manufacturers or suppliers; rather, what if the next cyberattack was on the internet itself?

In June of this year there was an internet outage event that led to large swaths of the web going dark, including a number of mainstream news sites, Amazon, eBay, Twitch, Reddit and a host of government websites went down. All this happened when content delivery network (CDN) company Fastly experienced a bug. Although Amazon had its website back online within 20 minutes, the brief outage cost the company over $5.5 million in sales (and that’s just one website!).  Fastly identified and fixed the problem within two hours, and continues to claim the outage had nothing to do with a cyberattack. However, it did reveal a huge vulnerability for the internet. A large portion of the web is dependent on only three CDN companies, including Fastly.

If there was a cyberattack on such weak points in the web, and the attack involved a malicious worm or other highly infectious weapon, then Klaus Schwab could very well get his “cyber pandemic.”

The internet plays a much bigger role in daily life than you might think.  Consider for a moment the vast array of economic functions that are now tied directly to the internet, including the supply chain, retailers, information services and even the stock market. If vital pillars of the web were crippled for weeks on end, an economy already weakened by a year of covid lockdowns might not recover.

For a high-level overview of the consequences of a total internet failure, Professor Mark Graham at Oxford Internet Institute offers this summary: ‘If the entire internet was shut down, we would witness an almost immediate global economic collapse. The internet is the nervous system of contemporary globalisation. Explicitly digital interactions like core banking and payment networks, and so on. But then, even parts of the economy that initially seem relatively disconnected would begin to grind to a halt because of the fact that all contemporary societies rely on long-distance supply chains, and long-distance supply chains rely on the internet.’ 

Brandon Smith. Prophecy News Watch.

Tensions over Taiwan.

Celebrating 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party, leader Xi Xing Pin announced that anyone trying to bully China will face ‘broken heads and bloodshed.’  He also spoke of China’s goal of taking over Taiwan: ‘Resolving the Taiwan question and realising China’s complete reunification is a historic mission and an unshakable commitment of the Communist Party of China.’

Chinese planes are breaching Taiwanese air space almost daily.  Its navy is taking over nearby uninhabited islands, raising questions that it may be preparing for an invasion. The US has a defensive pact with Taiwan going back to 1955.  U.S. military activities have increased around the eastern coast of China, the Taiwan Strait, and the South China Sea. Almost every day there’s an American aircraft or a ship near the Chinese coast.  Japan has joined the US in these naval exercises.  Such activities are usually followed by some Chinese military response and other diplomatic reactions from the Chinese foreign ministry

China is building 120 new silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) near its northwestern city of Yumen, indicating a significant expansion in its nuclear forces and sparking concerns of a Taiwan-related conflict between China and the United States.  A video has appeared online that is circulating among Chinese Communist Party channels in which the regime threatens to unleash a “continuous” nuclear war on the world. “When we liberate Taiwan, if Japan dares to intervene by force, even if it only deploys one soldier, one plane and one ship, we will not only return reciprocal fire but also start a full-scale war against Japan, suing nuclear bombs to make it surrender.”

Any action could spark off a US war with China which could be devastating.  One little known fact is that Taiwan is virtually the sole supplier of sophisticated computer chips which are exported around the world and are a vital component part for billions of products with built-in electronics, including iPhones, personal computers and cars.  Without these chips the world economy simply would not be able to function. 

The bad guys are winning in nation after nation (for the moment).

In Isaiah 59 we read ‘Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street,
and equity cannot enter. So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey.’

Wherever you look in the world today you see violence and oppression. Evil rulers are taking control of nations and people suffer injustice.  Those who resist risk imprisonment or death.  

China is crushing freedom for millions of Christians, and now cracking down on the last remnants of freedom in Hong Kong.  Iran’s new Prime Minister Raisi, imposed by ailing Ayatollah Khameini, and the one likely to succeed him as supreme leader, has a brutal history of executing prisoners of conscience who resist the wicked Islamic regime.  As the US pulls out of Afghanistan, the Taliban is taking over causing people to flee in terror from their advance as they seek to impose their hard line Islamist dictatorship on the country. Dictators are crushing freedom and cracking down on opposition – Lukashenko in Belarus, Putin in Russia, the military junta in Myanmar.  Across Africa Islamist terrorists, corrupt governments, as well as famine and natural disaster, are causing ruin and misery for millions of ordinary people.  South Africa has just seen an orgy of violence and looting bringing the military onto the streets to restore order.  Lebanon is on the brink of total collapse with no functioning government, and poverty and ruin in what was once described as the Switzerland of the Middle East.  War has ruined Syria, Yemen, Libya.  Iraq remains in danger of further conflict.  In Central America, drug gangs, failing government and crushing poverty cause millions to want to get out and go to the USA.  But the US is not a safe place either.  People who can are fleeing America’s big cities where lawlessness has taken over.  Truth has indeed fallen in the street, as many people become a prey to the bad guys who are winning in so many situations around the world.    

But not for long.  The Lord is coming and when He comes He will transfer the government of the world from these wicked men to Himself.  ‘For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’  Isaiah 9.6.

‘The Giant’ Statue.

According to its publicity site of there is a plan to launch ‘the most exciting visitor attraction concept of the 21st century’ entitled, The Giant.’  This will ‘showcase the giants in communities across the globe using technology to celebrate humanity.’

It will feature the world’s tallest moving statue (35 metres high). ‘The statue will be embedded with millions of addressable LED pixels giving it the ability to instantly take the form of any person from historical figures such as Albert Einstein or (famous woman Amelia Earhart) to stars of today from Lionel Messi to Beyoncé. Each hour the Giant will transform into each country’s national heroes and celebrities. The Giant’s arms and head can move to a diversity of positions and the images of the men and women appearing on the statue can speak or sing.  

More than a visual wonder, visitors to the attraction will explore several fully immersive exhibits that feature state-of-the-art technologies including augmented and virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence.  The exhibits are designed to be entertaining, educational and engaging for all age groups. Its sponsors say it will help people reach their full human potential and fight climate change.’

International commercial property giant CBRE has partnered with The Giant Company and is engaging with city authorities globally with the goal of establishing 21 Giants in 21 locations in 2021.

The Giant will be the world’s tallest moving statue, able to transform into any image, and able to sing and to speak.  So could this giant statue that can move, speak and change its resemblance to any person known today or from any time in history, have a purpose in the end time events?  Maybe a connection to the Nephilim / giants that corrupted humanity in the days before the Flood (Genesis 6), and a forerunner of the image of the beast, prophesied in Revelation 13?  

‘And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived. He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.’   Revelation 13.14-15.

Take a look at this promotional video for The Giant and decide for yourself:

Tony Pearce