Light for the Last Days


Now, the national life of Israel is going to wither which is what happened as a result of the rejection of Yeshua by the majority and especially by the religious leaders and the events which led up to the year 70 and the fall of the Temple, the dispersion of the Jewish people into the nations. So, Israel would no longer be in the land in Jerusalem, they’d now be in all the other lands including Britain, Russia, America. All these countries would have Jewish people in them, but they’d still be Jewish people who would go back to the land at the end of days. So, God is saying that, in one way, the ‘withering the fig tree’ spoke about the dispersion, but the ‘blossoming of the fig tree’ speaks about the regathering. Therefore, if you’re in the generation that has seen the regathering of Israel, which is everyone who’s lived after 1948, you’ve seen the beginning of this process of regathering Israel to the land, the blessing and the blossoming of the fig tree.

Tony Pearce

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