Light for the Last Days


Just mentioned that on the 22nd of March, that’s Tuesday, we’re going to have a Israel open meeting uh there’ll be a Jewish speaker speaking from the Israel Bonds and I’ll be speaking.

So, a night to honour Israel. That’s a Tuesday and it begins at 7:15pm for refreshments. The actual speaking part will start at eight o’clock.

It’ll also be on Zoom, so you can check in on Zoom.

You might not be able to come for the refreshments on Zoom but that’s alright. We do encourage you to come along and, probably, it will be helpful, if you if you are coming, if you could let us know you’re coming so we know roughly how many numbers we’re expecting.

Please email: if you want to join on Zoom.

So, that’s Tuesday 22nd of March.

Just before I get into the talk (I will be talking about the Tabernacle later on), I’ve been doing some research for my next Light for the Last Days magazine, in fact, I’ve been writing it this week and I have to say that I don’t want to depress you about the situation in Ukraine but, if it continues for much longer, this threatens to throw not just a few bombs into Ukraine but into the whole world economy.

We should really pray. I mean, I don’t have much faith that they will reach a settlement, but if they could reach a settlement sooner rather than later, that would be good. Because, apart from the fact that there’s even a danger of nuclear stuff going on out there around Chernobyl, which could go up again and produce radioactivity, one of the reasons why Biden said they shouldn’t send the planes from Poland is because he fears it could set off a third world war, which it could!

And we must recognize that this is a very perilous time. It’s not just perilous for Ukraine, it’s perilous for the whole world economy.

I don’t know if you realize that Ukraine exports 25 % of the world’s wheat. A large amount of it goes to Turkey, to North Africa, Egypt, Lebanon. Those countries depend upon wheat from Ukraine. If they don’t have it, and other countries as well, there’s going to be severe shortages of food for those countries.

The last time there were severe shortages of food in the Arab world, it led to the Arab spring uprisings and all those countries are potentially quite unstable. So, we must pray that somehow God can overrule in that situation if the wheat is obviously not going to go out, because of the war, and they’re not going to be planting this year unless they resolve it quickly.

Apart from that the economics of the whole situation with the gas and so on, if the gas is cut off, most of the European economy is going to go down the chute quickly, including Germany and most of the continent.

In fact, I’ve already got reports of businesses which are just failing because they can’t afford the price of gas. I just noticed that they’re selling petrol down the road for £1.70 a litre and it’s going to be a crisis right over the world.

The other situation with the SWIFT, (I don’t if you read about that) that they’ve cancelled Russia for the SWIFT payments system which would upset the Russian economy could also affect the whole world economy and if Russia moves from the SWIFT system to another kind of transfer system which could be based on China, this could lead to the United States losing its status as the dollar loses its status as the world reserve currency.

If that happens, America goes down the chute. America would then be basically bankrupt, and people would face extreme unrest in America.

Therefore, you’ve got a whole lot of things which are just threatening the world and you know it’s a time when we need to get the message of the Gospel out.

I’ve just taken delivery of 20,000 of the Hope for the Future leaflets. Even as I received them, somebody rang me up who does an outreach in Aldershot and said: ‘Can you please send me 500 more? I’ve just been giving them out and I gave them out to people and said do you want some hope and people were lapping it up.

So, people do need some hope at this time. If you want to take some and give them out, please do.

We’re also getting delivery of the SOS leaflet. I have got 15,000 of those coming this week and we want to see them going out quickly and, I can always order some more.

Just pray that we can get the message out.

Also, we have this one here which is in Farsi (Persian). Somebody translated it. I have got to get it printed. I took it to try to get it printed here and tried to get somebody to format it here, but they couldn’t manage it because of the Farsi.

I went to a shop in Finchley, a print shop, where I know the owner’s Iranian and I said ‘Could you format it for me?

He looked a bit dubious, but he said ‘Yes, I could get it done, I have to send it to Iran though.

I said, ‘But it’s Christian!

He said, ‘Oh don’t worry, the person who does it is not religious.

But’ I said ‘won’t the Iranian authorities be troubled about it?

He said, ‘That’s why they’re all here!

He did it and he’s got it formatted for me. I hope that the person who read it who’s not religious in Iran, the one who did the formatting did read it, and pray that we can get it printed this week and distributed to Iranian people.

Let’s just have a word of prayer for that and pray that the Lord will get His Word up.

Lord, we do pray again for the situation in Ukraine, and you see just how critical it is and how many spin-offs of disasters could come not just to Ukraine but also to the surrounding nations and indeed to us and to the whole world economy.

We just pray Lord that you’d have mercy and that you would hold back this terrible war that’s going on; even that they might come to a settlement; even though how difficult that sounds, but that there might be some cessation of the hostilities, help to the refugees, help to those who are suffering, and help to the whole world economy.

Lord, we have leaders who probably don’t know what they’re doing. But you know what to do Lord, and we just

pray Lord that you’d hold back something really terrible from happening on the earth, and you hold back this great trouble that’s coming upon us, and that people also would turn to you.

Help us to get the only message out which gives us any hope for the future, the message of Jesus who has come as a suffering servant Messiah and who is coming again soon as the reigning King Messiah to sort out the mess which we’ve made of the world. We pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Tony Pearce