Light for the Last Days

Current Affairs Update – April 2022


Such a global digital global currency would require the establishment of a global digital identity for every person on the planet. That’s what some people would like to see, and you might think it’s far-fetched, ‘it couldn’t happen’, but there are people already planning it. And already, it’s happening in some measure in China. So, if that spreads, then you’ve got a real crisis.

Whether Mr Putin has thrown a bomb into this by his invasion of Ukraine is another question. But that too could be the crisis which is coming because of food shortages, of energy shortages, of currency issues, it could be the way in which they bring in a new system to control buying and selling. Watch this space.

Chomsky says that ‘it’s the most dangerous point in history, the prospect of destruction of human life on earth’, but he doesn’t have an answer.

If you read the Bible, you can see that these things are prophesied for the last days, and that there is an answer. The answer is that Jesus is coming and He’s coming back this time, not as the suffering servant, He’s coming back this time as the King of kings and Lord of lords. And He’s coming back with all the power of God at his disposal to put right the mess which humans are making of the earth.

Tony Pearce

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