Light for the Last Days

In the beginning there was nothing.

Nothing exploded.

Out of that explosion an immense universe emerged with stars and planets revolving around them.

Order came out of chaos.

Our own planet earth emerged with precisely the right things needed for life, air, water, soil, plants, animals, heat (not too hot not too cold), etc, by a random process of chance.

Life emerged spontaneously with the ability to survive, eat, drink reproduce etc. A single cell, the building block of life, contains billions of pieces of information (not a simple blob of jelly as Darwin first proposed), vital for its survival. 

Cell functionalities

This came out of a chance chemical process in which non-life became life.

Incredibly, complex organs – heart, lungs, blood stream, brain, eyes, etc., all evolved over millions of years (yet the creatures were able to survive during this time during which they could not see, hear, breathe properly).

The reproductive system requires male and female of the same species to come together in sexual reproduction to produce the next generation. If it doesn’t work perfectly in the first generation there are no more generations and the species dies out, so it can’t evolve over millions of years.

Makes more sense to believe

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

He created an environment capable of supporting life, unique in the universe, our earth.

Life came out of the creative power of God,

with each species carrying its seed within itself, able to reproduce after its own kind.

Sin came into the world through disobedience to the one command God gave us, and God gave the solution through Jesus the Messiah taking the punishment we deserve when He died on the cross and rose again to give eternal life to all believers.

Tony Pearce