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Let’s come back to the topic of global governance. So, if this is real, then we should be very concerned. And we should be cooperating with the government and doing what we can to reduce carbon emissions and changing our society accordingly.

But some activists claim that it’s all a hoax and a scare tactic similar to the Covid to frighten people into submission and make them accept the emergency measures they impose to ‘Save the World’

There was a leaked memo in the telegraph in March which said how Matt Hancock had told his aids that he wanted ‘to frighten the pants off everyone‘ to make sure they stuck to the Covid rules.

Now, they’re using scare tactics to make people demand and submit to what happens to society as a result of Net Zero.

And the message being sent out by the UN, by governments, by media, by the education system amounts to saying that humanity is threatened by this catastrophic global warming and that, therefore, we need to change the way we live by ‘cutting down’ or ‘cutting out’ the use of fossil fuels coal oil and gas. Especially, in the production of electricity and the running of transport systems.

And they’re also saying that because of this, we need to have some kind of way in which a overarching global government can take control over what takes place in nations. The U.N.’s Secretary General Guterres told the U.N general assembly in 2021 that ‘The world is facing a perfect storm of simultaneous crises, including the pandemic and climate change‘. It needs what he called multilateralism with teeth this means Global governance bodies would claim binding legal authority of what they could over what they called public goods, global public goods by which they mean ‘the environment’.

They take power from national governments to themselves. Guterres proposed a common agenda with centralized planning at a global level, and this, if you’re familiar with it, works out to something called Agenda 21 and agenda 30 in which the UN takes control over all of your assets and tells you what to do with them.

Who runs the World Economic Forum? Klaus Schwab has said, ‘The world needs a Great Reset to work for a global solution to deal with global problems and this will only come about through effective global governance’. He also made a connection between the Covid crisis and the Green New Deal and climate change. He said, ‘At first glance, the pandemic and the environment might seem to be only distant related cousins, but they’re much closer and more intertwined than we think‘.

And one of the connection between both issues that they want to make people afraid of is something that’s going to destroy their lives unless ‘global governance’ steps in and saves us.

This will result in a reduced population which submits to the control of a powerful and wealthy group of people who dictate a New World Order.

In the process, you’ll find that free speech, democracy, human rights will disappear in a dictatorial system backed by an ‘all-seeing technology’ taking control of our homes, our money, our thoughts, and our social lives.

The UN is planning a conference it’s called the ‘Summit of the Future’. These ‘international bureaucrats’ who make up the UN are expected to adopt what’s called a ‘Pact for the Future‘.

According to Guterres, this will plan for a ‘Standing Authority‘ for the UN to convene and operationalize automatically an emergency platform.

They’ll create an emergency and then they’ll say, ‘We have to take over your country and the world to resolve this problem‘.

In other words, the U.N will be given unprecedented authority over public and private areas and sways of the world, all in the name of battling a yet unknown crisis. So, the fact that Mr Guterres spoke about ‘the earth boiling and the need for a unified World response’, is preparing the way for this to be done in the name of saving the world from climate change.

Can you see the danger there?

I’m not exaggerating. This is all documented, and I can give you evidence for this.

Now, the Gatestone Institute which is quite a good organization exposing some of this says that ‘The World Economic Forum is already making plans to use the Climate Change/Zero carbon issue to determine how much energy people use, what food they eat. All to be monitored by AI technology.

They’re looking at the construction of ‘smart cities’ or ‘15-minute cities‘ in which millions of people can be relocated, live side by side in small apartment complexes, and move through a constant maze of entrances and exits access solely through digital ID verification and approval.

It’s the way towards the global control system. There’s also an organization called The Future of Urban Consumption or C40 which produced a paper called ‘The future of urban consumption in a 1.5 C world’, which is a global network of mayors representing a quarter of the global economy of 100 cities including London and a thousand 1,143 cities and local governments that have joined the C40s cities in the race to Net Zero.

They’re calling for all cities in this network to be built up so that they can move towards Net Zero. According to Mark Watts, the Executive Director of C40, ‘Mayors have an even bigger role and opportunity to help avert climate emergency than previously thought’.

The analysis direct addresses ‘big global questions’ and its purpose is to inspire practical action leading to average consumption-based emissions in C40 cities to ensure they halve within the next 10 years in our wealthiest and highest consuming cities. This means a reduction of two-thirds or more by 2030.

London is certainly one of the wealthiest cities, and that would mean a reduction of two-thirds of carbon emissions in London by 2030, and the mayor is going to be tasked with doing this.

Is it going to work?

The next question is: Is it going to work? There are already flaws in the program on the question whether renewables can ever replace fossil fuels to create enough electricity to keep the system going.

Basically, they can’t. The only other alternative is more nuclear energy which has potential for triggering enormous environmental disasters if it goes wrong. Additionally, you have to say that wind farms turbines need replacing regularly. They wear out, and we use a lot of energy to create them.

Also, there’s no way that electric cars are going to replace the present petrol car fleet. You would need to supply electricity charging points, the cost of the replacement batteries needs to be accounted for and there are issues to do with the substantially increased weight of electric cars is increasing, which also increases the number of potholes in the road. Moreover, the need for cobalt for the batteries means presently that we are using child labour to mine it, which is in itself a shocking form exploitation in countries like the Congo. Cobalt is currently being exported to China where most of the electric car batteries are made and, in China, they use certain rare-earth materials which are only found in there which implies that the move towards the use of more electric cars will make us increasingly dependent on China.

Speaking of China. one has to say that China is not going to eliminate carbon emissions. The world is outsourcing to China, so the world can move to Net Zero.

I recently got an email from somebody in Australia which really ‘took the lid off’ this issue.

Australia has come to the point now where they’re going to use no more coal in any type of energy production.

But they are going to continue to mine coal because they have a lot of it and they’re going to export it to China. They export it to China and China will then use it to produce steel. They burn the coal and make steel. They make wind turbines which are then sent back to Australia so they can have cheap no fossil fuel energy to fire their electricity system.

Can you see the craziness of that?

China’s carbon footprint is huge by the way. This is the problem. You’ve got to stop China forget about Stop Oil protestors parking themselves on London roads trying to stop the traffic, they need to go to China and stop it there. But they won’t, because they’ll be locked up and that’ll be the end of it.

China has planned 43 new coal fights power stations in in 2023, they’ve approved more coal fire than even in coal-fired power stations than in 2021. So, China increases its Global carbon footprint while Europe and North America reduce it by shutting down factories and exporting their needs to China and then getting the ‘products of carbon emissions’ back and saying to ourselves ‘We have got to Net Zero’. Yet, we haven’t, we just exported it to China.

And they’re pushing Western nations in the process to become poorer. China will become richer and will come more and more under the control of the technocratic system which they already have in place there.

To add to this, we’ve got a food and energy crisis which is gathering pace continuously with millions dying, especially in parts of Africa. If world leaders are going to reduce agricultural production to attain Net Zero targets, they will need to reduce the world’s population.

The number of food problems are already there. We have had poor yields and parts of America and around Europe because of environmental problems and John Kerry wants to reduce agriculture especially cattle farming and to get rid of meat production.

That’s already happening in Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, and in parts of the US and possibly here. I’m not sure where it’s happening here yet, but it’s certainly happening in those countries.

I spoke about the rice shortage India as well. India stopped exporting rice recently. India accounts for more than 40 percent of the world’s rice exports and this is going to affect vast numbers of people in Asia.

Recently too, Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Deal under which it allowed the passage of ships from Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea carrying food shipments with large amounts of grain to Africa and the Middle East.

This is the the present situation.

Now, I’m not exaggerating any of this.

I can back all this up and if anybody wants to take me to task on the material shown here, then I’m happy to hear from you.

Tony Pearce

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