Light for the Last Days

This month in prophecy talk for September 2018

Last month in prophecy talk recorded on September 30th

Subjects include:  Russia, Iran and Israel, Brexit and the EU, Storms and Earthquakes, China and the church, control of opinions towards the 666 system, apostasy in the church.

Russia and Israel – shooting down of Russian plane, supply of S-300 missiles to Syria, implications for Russia being drawn into conflict with Israel.  Iran’s plans for bases in Syria and the desire to eliminate Israel. Ezekiel 38-9, war of Gog and Magog.

EU and Brexit.  Why is it so difficult to leave the EU?  EU as revived Roman Empire of prophecy (Daniel 7, Revelation 17).  How it can become a dictatorial system. Potential problems of Brexit, divisions in the Conservative Party, Labour in the hands of a Marxist movement.

Storms and earthquakes after the long hot summer.  Increase in natural disasters and end time prophecy.

China as the ‘world’s first digital totalitarian state’.  Growing suppression of Christians, potential for the Chinese ‘Social Credit Score’ to develop into something along the lines of the 666 system of Revelation 13.

Control of Internet by politically correct globalist forces.  Also indoctrination of young people with homosexuality and transsexuality.  Potential for suppression of those who refuse and oppose this process.

Apostasy in the church, implications of Rainbow Church, LGBT eucharist at Reading Minster.  Turning away from the truth and ‘being turned to fables’. 2 Timothy 4 

Tony Pearce

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