Light for the Last Days

This month in prophecy talk for March 2019

Tony Pearce gave the talk ‘This month in prophecy’ talk’ on March 29th.   

End time prophecy events.

Brexit and the EU

Brexit battle and Bible prophecy.  What Daniel and Revelation have to say

Will the Euro collapse? Digital ID and the 666 prophecy of Revelation 13.

Israel and prophecy

Good news from Israel – Positive contributions from Israel in health, agriculture etc

War danger from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria. Golan Heights, the mountains of Israel.

Freedom and Persecution

World response to Muslims killed in New Zealand and Christians killed in Nigeria

Sex education in schools, using the wrong pronoun in transgender case

Environmental issues

Floods around the world.  Mozambique, Australia, USA, Iran.

The talk is on the Bridge Lane website.

Tony Pearce