Light for the Last Days

This month in prophecy talk for July 2018

Last month in prophecy talk recorded on August 4th

Subjects covered:

  • World on red alert – heatwave and its effects around the world.  Drought, fires, rivers drying up, poor harvests. Effect of warming on the Arctic region.  Is it man made global warming? If so where is it heading?
  • Last days’ prophecies on damage to the environment.  Isaiah 24.4-6. Revelation 8.7-12, 16.8-9.
  • Israel’s Basic Law enforces Jewish identity on the state.  A racist anti-Arab measure or an assertion of the right of the Jewish people to determine the character of the State of Israel?  Significance in the light of Ezekiel 36.24-28 and the rebirth of Israel in the last days.
  • Threat to Israel from Iran, supporting terrorism from Gaza, arming Hezbollah in Lebanon and bringing its own forces into Syria, close to Israel’s border in the north.  Trump raising stakes with proposed sanctions against Iran. Iran and USA threaten each other. Connection to Ezekiel 38-9, War of Gog and Magog.
  • Ominous events in Israel, earthquakes in Galilee, blood red moon, stone falling from Western Wall.  Orthodox Jews visit Temple Mount on Tisha b’Av (memorial day for destruction of first and second temples), looking for rebuilt Temple, Muslims claim Israel planning to bring down mosques with a man made earthquake, secular Israelis demonstrate for LGBT rights on Tisha b’Av.  Jewish speculation that these events are heralding coming of the Messiah.
  • UK and EU.  Theresa May gives way to LGBT demands bringing more imposition of the homosexual agenda on Britain.  Following week faces crisis and near defeat in parliament over her Brexit plan. Spiritual powers behind EU making it so hard to leave.  Potential shaking of EU due to Eurosceptic Italian government and its planned budget which could bring down the Euro.
  • When you see these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws near.

Tony Pearce