Light for the Last Days
Blood red moon over Jerusalem.

This month in prophecy talk for January 2019

באחרית הימים תתבוננו בה
In the latter days you will understand it.  Jeremiah 30.11

Tony Pearce gave the talk ‘This month in prophecy’ talk’ on January 29th.   

Topics included :

  • The conflict between Israel and Iran over Syria and Russia’s role in this.  Heading for the War of Gog and Magog?
  • Open Doors World Watch List for 2018 and the growing persecution of Christians around the world.
  • Islam, Christianity and the Pope’s great compromise. Making Christians into ‘dhimmi’ subjects to Islam.
  • The EU, Brexit and the coming economic and political crisis.  Will the UK government survive? Will the Euro collapse?
  • Strange events taking place in the environment, blood red rivers, giant hailstones in Arabia, locust plague in Mecca, sinking cities, mountains falling, blistering heat and freezing cold, earthquakes and volcanoes and the shifting North Pole.
  • Corrupting our children – abortion up to full term, moral chaos and trans lunacy.  
  • Multitudes in the valley of decision.  No way out except to make the right decision for Jesus.

Next talk will be given, God willing, at The Bridge Christian Fellowship, 54, Bridge Lane, London NW11 0EH on Sunday 24th February at 6.30pm and will go up on this website shortly afterwards.

Tony Pearce