Light for the Last Days

This Month in Prophecy 30th of April 2020

Outline of this month in Prophecy Talk April 2020

Matthew 24.7.  The beginning of sorrows

famines, pestilences and earthquakes –  where we are at? More on this at Sunday morning April 19 Bridge talk – 

Covid 19 virus a global phenomenon

pandemic, shutting down nations on every continent apart from Antarctica.   An experiment in global control or attempt to bring in change in the way the world is run – a new new world order?

Antichrist forces in China. 

Worship of leader, control of population via credit control system, cameras, tracking devices.  Shades of 666 system.

China persecuting Christians

and clamping down on all religions.  New law wants all religious groups to propagate Chinese Communist Party ideology.  Antichrist agenda as in Daniel 11.36-37, 2 Thessalonians 2.3-4.  Against true God and all gods.  Crackdown on churches – online services during lockdown closed down by censors.

Virus around the world

Experiment in control of people.  No gatherings or meetings including church services.  Media propaganda leaves out anything about the Lord.  Humanism / psychology / yoga / Islam all propagated but not Jesus and Gospel  

Jesus says ‘Where two or three gathered together I am there in the midst of you.’  Hebrews 11.25  ‘Not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.’  Hebrews 11.25.  See the day of the Lord approaching and we are not able to meet together.  

Cure worse than the disease? 

Stress for people.  Loneliness, boredom, fear of getting disease, anxiety about jobs, difficulty for families with small children, increase of domestic abuse.  Economic crisis coming. Unemployment, businesses bankrupt, collapse of national economies, inflation etc.  Poverty in India, Africa other countries, potential for famine on large scale affecting up to 1 billion people. 

All of which could lead to massive unrest and millions of deaths.   Famine and end time prophetic picture.  Matthew 24.7.  Revelation 6.  3rd horseman.  

Breakdown of post war world order. 

Potential for new new world order to emerge out of it.  Along lines of UN Agenda 21.  

Will EU hold together? 

Revived Roman Empire of Daniel 2, Revelation 17.  But in crisis.  Italian Prime Minister Conte – ‘EU is in danger of collapse.’  

Macron to the rescue. 

Calling for restructuring of EU, global peace plan, backed by the pope.  His first name is Emanuel = God with us.  Significant or not? 

Bill Gates and ID2020. 

Plan to give every human on the planet biometric verification. Along with mass vaccination programme proposed as solution to Coronavirus crisis.  Gates says ‘Those who refuse to be tagged by this system will eventually become outcasts and denied basic services.’    i.e. they can’t buy or sell.  

Biometric data, ID technology, health ratings / vaccination records, and digital commerce are all merging and advancing to the next level.  Sounds suspiciously like the “Mark of the Beast” described in the Book of Revelation – these trends all appear to be a foreshadowing of what may be to come.

Increase in earthquakes and volcanoes

taking place. Forest fires raging near Chernobyl Nuclear power station in Ukraine.  Risk of radiation r.  Storms in USA and severe flooding in Congo area.  Environment at risk.  

Israel’s search for a government comes to a conclusion. 

After 3 elections and endless discussions agreement reached between Netanyahu and Gantz on forming unity government.  

Netanyahu may press ahead with vote to annex Jordan Valley and parts of West Bank  / Judea Samaria where Jewish settlements are.  Heartland of biblical Israel.  If so lead to conflict with Arabs and world.  Jerusalem burdensome stone.  Zechariah 12.  

Danger from Iran remains.  Could lead to Gog and Magog – Ezekiel 38-9. 

Conflict between religious and secular in Israel over coronavirus.  Rabbis make promises of Messiah coming.  Miss the point of true understanding that Messiah is Yeshua / Jesus who has come once and is coming back soon. 

Jesus is the only one who offers any hope in the present world crisis.  He is coming again.  We must be ready to meet Him by repenting of sin and believing the Gospel.

Tony Pearce