Light for the Last Days

This month in Prophecy: 23rd of February

Last Sunday night (Feb 23) I gave my ‘This month in Prophecy’ talk at The Bridge in Golders Green, London, NW11 0EH. So much to talk about.

Weird weather

Floods all over the world, no snow in Moscow and too much in
Turkey, volcanoes and earthquakes going off all over the place, locusts devouring
crops in Africa, global warming or global cooling or global meltdown?

China / Coronavirus

Where did it come from, where is it going? Another sign of the times – wars, famines, earthquakes and plagues as a sign of the end (Matthew 24.7).

Will the virus bring down China / world’s second largest economy and the global commercial system with it or morph into the next phase of the New World Order / end of days? Psalm 46, Hebrew 12.25-29, Matthew 7.24-27 and the shaking of nations before the coming of the Messiah.

The Middle East – horrors in Syria

Turkey warns Assad + Russia to back off and moves its troops into Idlib, while Israel hits Iran’s base near Damascus. Russia warns Israel to back off and threatens war. Ezekiel’s prophecy of Gog and Magog war (Ezekiel 38-9) on hold or on its way?

Trump’s peace plan

Peace and prosperity for Israel and the Palestinians? Abbas says ‘No thanks, no peace without Jerusalem in Palestinian hands.’ Jerusalem the burdensome stone of Zechariah 12. Peace or no peace? What about Daniel 9.27 and the end time peace covenant?

Does all this mean Messiah is at the door as Israel’s Rabbi Amar has said? But who is He and has He been before?

It’s all there somewhere in my talk and the answer is clear – Messiah is coming – back!

Up and coming events

Next prophecy talk on Sunday March 29 th at 6.30 pm.
Next week – Sunday March 1 st at 6.30 pm. – Israel and the peace covenant of Daniel 9.27.
A Bible study on the end times and Israel.
At The Bridge Christian Fellowship, 54, Bridge Lane, NW11 0EH.

Tony Pearce