Light for the Last Days

CoronaVirus Crisis and biblical prophecy– where are we at?

‘CoronaVirus Crisis – where are we at?  3 possibilities.’

  1. In the great tribulation period prophesied for last 7 years before return of Christ.
  2. In the ‘Beginning of sorrows’ period leading to the tribulation (+ the rapture).
  3. Neither, just another problem the world will overcome.  End time events still some way off.
  1. This is already tribulation.  Way to mark of beast system through virus + vaccine + microchip + 5G technology.  Antichrist suppression and persecution of Christians, especially in China.  Virus crisis to increase suppression of Christianity worldwide. 

4 horsemen of apocalypse riding out.  Multiple disasters around the world, earthquakes, environment, locusts, potential war in Mid East, etc. 

If we are in the tribulation now, then pretribulation rapture not true. We must prepare now for life in tribulation period (Matthew 24.13-31, Revelation 6-19).

Points against this.  CV situation is creating a bad situation in the world, but not yet the tribulation.  According to prophecy the first events of the tribulation are:

Antichrist rides out as first horseman of apocalypse, ‘conquering and to conquer’.  Revelation 6. 

Peace treaty with Israel.  Daniel 9.27. 

144,000 Jewish people ‘sealed’ / accept Yeshua as Messiah and preach Gospel.  Revelation 7. 

Pre trib view.  Church taken to be with the Lord before the tribulation.

Revelation 4.1 – ‘Come up here, I will show you the things that must happen after this’.  Typologically speaks of the rapture.  ‘After this’ section of Revelation = time after rapture (chapters 6-19).

1 Thessalonians 4-5.  Rapture unexpected, thief in the night.  Matthew 24.36-44.

  • This is the beginning of sorrows period / the woman in labour = Matthew 24.7-8.  Multiple disasters coming on earth.  Creating fear among people – looking for someone to come and sort it out.  As well as virus crisis, economic crisis coming on the world.  Trillions in debt.  Potential for global management of money, change in how we buy and sell.  Surveillance society + microchips, computers, mobile phones / Internet control system + 5G.  Already in place in China.  Spread to the rest of the world.

Ezekiel 38-9?  Israel supernaturally saved from attack from the north. 

In the midst of this rapture happen.  Antichrist comes with his explanation and solution.  False prophet points to him.  Takes control of world system. 

Rev 13 / 666 end result.  Many left behind see significance of Bible prophecy, turn to Jesus – Revelation 7 – 144,000 + great multitude who come out of GT.  To be persecuted by Antichrist.

  • Just another problem.  End not yet.  Virus will die out.  Human race will sort it out.  Get back to normal society.  Events of end time remain some way off – at an unknown date in the future.  Matthew 24.38 implies life going on as normal when rapture happens. 

Nevertheless it is unlikely things will ever get back to how they were before the crisis started. Most likely that things will change significantly if / when we do get back to normal.  Greater control, surveillance.  Ability to travel greatly reduced.  May be difficult to hold public meetings for a long time.  Move to cashless society.  Shops already don’t want to take cash. – Fear of virus being passed on.  Suppression of opinions which don’t conform to what powers in control of system require (already happening in China).  Preparing way to tribulation conditions.  Creating mindset that will submit to antichrist, be deceived and controlled by him. 

My conclusion – number 2 here most likely where we are at.  Others are possible.

Next week (26 April) I will give some detail on 1 Thessalonians 4-5 and try to explain what Paul meant in his teaching on the rapture.  I will also post the talk ‘This month in prophecy’ as a separate entity. 

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Tony Pearce