Light for the Last Days

What has changed this year? Due to increasing surveillance and restrictions, many house churches ceased meeting in larger groups and have split up to meet in smaller groups. Others used to meet online, but this has become more difficult as Chinese authorities pay closer attention to online activities. A number of Christians have been arrested and sentenced, often charged with illegal business operations, fraud, acting against the state’s security, or the vaguely worded ‘stirring up trouble’. – China ·

11:00 AM 

Geoff Marshall will speak in the morning service. This will be an in-person service with live streaming.

It is amazing that so much is falling into place showing that we are living in the last days.

6:30 PM 

Tony Pearce will speak in the evening. This will be an in-person service.

The only answer is Jesus. So sad that not so many people can see it.


Tony Pearce

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