Light for the Last Days

Sunday Services – April 23, 2023

A storm is brewing in this country that screams, “Christianity is the problem!”… The inclination will be to move away from biblical truth, the very source of hope and freedom that confused and troubled souls need. But that’s not the way forward in a nation broken and bleeding. As much as the other side would like to manage the chaos by indulging these delusions and passing meaningless legislation, the problem isn’t the state of our laws; it’s the condition of the heart.Tony Perkins in the Washington Stand

11:00 AM 

Clayton Wells will speak in the morning service. This will be an in-person service with live streaming.

It is amazing that so much is falling into place showing that we are living in the last days.

6:30 PM 

Andy Coomar will speak in the evening. This will be an in-person service.

The only answer is Jesus. So sad that not so many people can see it.


Tony Pearce

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