Light for the Last Days

Sunday Services – April 16, 2023

The message of the good news of salvation has now extended to the Gentiles through the Jewish disciples of Jesus and the writing of the New Testament / Brith hadashah by Jews who believed in Yeshua / Jesus. The multitude of things taught by the professing church, which are equally commandments of men taught as doctrines from God, is a major barrier.  Especially the terrible anti-Semitism which has stained the name of Jesus in the eyes of Jewish people. But that is not what Jesus taught. He is thoroughly Jewish and loves the Jewish people and those who follow Jesus should do so also. T Pearce

11:00 AM 

Kyuwon Park will speak in the morning service. This will be an in-person service with live streaming.

It is amazing that so much is falling into place showing that we are living in the last days.

6:30 PM 

Chris Beckingham will speak in the evening. This will be an in-person service.

The only answer is Jesus. So sad that not so many people can see it.


Tony Pearce

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